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Important stuff

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Important Stuff

Committee members/coaches/managers are all volunteers & are not responsible for your children. At the conclusion of training please ensure you are either early or on time to pick up. Talk to your children about staying with the coach from drop off- to pick up. Please make sure it is clear to them that they are not allowed to leave the oval without adult supervision.
### SHIN PADS and soccer boots must be worn at all training and AT ALL games.
Team Allocation
Players will be sorted into teams ASAP based on player registration numbers. Sometimes children may be asked to play up an age group to help fill up the teams and so that there is not to many in one age group. Please note due to numbers of teams between clubs and various venues, not all Bodalla teams will play at the same venue.
If it is quite heavy rain at 2.30pm, the school will be notified of cancellation of training and children sent home on their usual bus. It is your responsibility to let your child know what to do in case it is raining and do not assume there will be someone there to look after them.
Full uniform should be worn at all matches. Shirts are provided by the Club at each game. Shorts $20 and socks $10 are available for sale at our canteen. We welcome the donation of second hand items such as shorts, boots, shinpads etc, in order to provide a clothing pool for families. Please see the canteen- THANKS. All players and parents are requested to take their teams’ shirts home for washing on a rotating basis and return them to their coach/manager on the following training day to ensure that those shirts will be available on time for the next competition game.

Teams will be looking for coaches and managers. Please remember coaches and committee members are all volunteers giving up their time so if you can lend a hand that would be great, it can be quite fun to get involved with your children. All coaches are required to undertake a coaching course and working with children check. No previous experience is required as long as you are 14 years or over. The free Coaching Course will be held on date/s to be advised. This is a requirement by the National Body to cover the coaches and players. There will be a welcome/information session for all coaches/managers on a date to be advised.

Competition Games
Competition games are played on Sundays at the various venues and are only cancelled if the field is unplayable, not because the players may get wet. Normally the cancellation will be announced on the local radio stations as early as possible on the day of the game or contact your team Manager or Coach. You can also check EFA & our website or facebook.
Players should turn up at least 30-45 minutes before the game to give the coach/manager a chance to form a team, fill in the team sheet, hand out shirts etc.
The competition draw will be provided to coaches at a training session as soon as they become available. (Some games may have to be played on Saturdays- rarely).
Games for Under 6/7/8/9/10/11 are designed to encourage skill development and team play. There is no point score system and no competition table.
Round Robin Days may be held.
All players should bring their own drinks for the half time refreshment. Dehydration should not be underestimated. To enable coaches to talk to their players and keep them together, please keep the drinks in one location.

The Canteen is the place we really need your help. This years Canteen Supervisor will welcome as many helpers as possible. Just turn up on any day & lend a hand as it can get quite busy. BBQ- We love helpers to cook the snags on the BBQ when we have home games- great place to get to know everyone. Just let us know you are available or just turn up on the day. (The takings & team sheets are collected at the end of each day). Your cooperation in helping us run the canteen is greatly appreciated as it shares the load & allows everyone a chance to watch their own children play.

NOTE: Without the income of the canteen the soccer club has no option other than to increase the registrations fees substantially. Our club is a non profit organisation & our canteen helps raise money in order to; save you money on registration fees, purchase equipment - balls, shirts, nets etc, trophies etc for presentation day & helps with paying referees fee etc.

Setting up of fields for home games

For all home games the fields need to be set up before the first games. Setting up starts one hour before the first game. Volunteers are required to put up the nets, flags, goal posts etc. The first teams on MUST help set up the fields and the last teams on MUST take down the nets, flags, goal posts etc. and return these to the clubhouse.


During the soccer season the Bodalla Club meets on a regular basis and everyone is welcome & encouraged to come along. Meetings are generally held the 1st Thu of the month starting 7pm at the oval/ clubhouse or during the winter at Bodalla Bowling Club. (Unless advertised elsewhere- check our website)

All coaches, managers, parents and senior players are very welcome to attend, (coaches we require that you attend at least one). Please come and be involved in the running of your club, your opinions and ideas are needed to ensure the club is meeting everyone’s needs.

Association meetings are attended by delegates of all clubs in the Eurobodalla competition, including one from Bodalla. Any problems players or parents would like to raise with the Association MUST be taken through the Bodalla Club Secretary.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish all players and supporters another enjoyable soccer season. If you have any question’s please don’t hesitate to ask, this can be done in person at the oval or by emailing us at:
With thanks Bodalla Soccer Club Board & Committee for 2013/14


Sun Safety Policy

Please download a copy of the Football NSW Sun Safety Policy Dec 09 to view the policy we follow for sun safety.

Hot Weather Policy

Please download a copy of the Football NSW Hot Weather Policy Nov 09 to view the policy we follow during hot weather.

Accident Claim Form

Download our QBE Soccer Accident Claim Form to make a claim following injury during a game.

Please read & adhere to the following codes at all times to ensure a great time for all;


1. Provide quality supervision and instruction for all players.

2. Be familiar with and operate within the rules and spirit of the sport.

3. Ensure all players are correctly attired in official team uniform including:
# Boots #Shirts #Socks #Shinpads & No jewellery.

4. Ensure players wear boots and shinpads to training.

5. Ensure team shirts are not worn other than at official games.

6. Obtain appropriate qualifications and keep up to date with coaching practices and the principle of the development of young players.

7. Maintain harmony with team parents by either dealing with any difficulties or reporting to coaching coordinator.

8. Avoid arguments with officials. A sensible calm approach is always more rewarding for all concerned.

9. Protect all equipment issued by the Club.

10. Ensure the Club has approved any proposed changes to match times or venues.

11. You are responsible for on-the-field behaviour. Set a positive example to players and parents, your behaviour and comments should be constructive and supportive.

12. Be familiar with competition rules and regulations.

13. Difficulties with player’s behaviour are to be resolved as soon as possible and bought to the attention of the Club Board where necessary. Always endeavour to be constructive and positive in your dealings with players. The Club’s Player Disciplinary Code of Practice should be followed in the first instance.

14. Work with all players equally, developing skills and abilities as everyone has something to offer.

15. Importantly have fun, encourage fair play for all- ensuring equal time on and off the field for all players and for all junior players to have the opportunity to have a go at all positions, including goalie.

16. Provide players with your contact number.



1. Assist coach with ABOVE plus

2. Cooperate with the coach at all times. The coach is responsible for on-the-field behaviour; you are both responsible for off-the-field behaviour.

3. Set an example to players and parents, your behaviour and comments should be positive and supportive.

4. Avoid arguments with officials. A sensible calm approach is always more rewarding for all concerned.

5. Protect all equipment issued by the Club.

6. Ensure all equipment is returned to the Club at the end of the season.

7. Be familiar with competition rules and regulations.

8. Monitor all equipment following games. Ensure your match ball is recovered after the match.

9. Ensure all match sheets are correctly filled out.



1. Be supportive of all players, officials, coaches and managers. Without them your child would not be able to play soccer. Remember coaching can be a challenging role at times.

2. Set a good sporting example. Ours is a team game so encourage all players to do their best and congratulate all players for their efforts.

3. Avoid personal instructions to players. The coach is responsible for the team plan and would have advised the players. Your instructions could jeopardise the team plan. This applies at all times including immediately before any game and at halftime.

4. When it is your turn return all cleaned team shirts to the manager at training.

5. Ensure your child reports to the coach at least 30-45 minutes before all games. Advise the coach/manager if your child is unable to make it to training or the game. Ensure children are on time for training.

6. Ensure your child is wearing the full Club uniform at all official games including:# Boots #Shirts #Socks #Shinpads & No jewellery.

7. Ensure your child wears boots and shinpads to training.

8. Remember your child is subject to the Club’s Player Disciplinary Code of Practice in instances of disobedience and poor behaviour.

9. Always be available at training and matches to care for and supervise your child. Request permission from the Coach or Manager if you want them to look after your child. Remember, children playing soccer requires a commitment from the parents to attend both training and matches.

10. Parents/carers not to leave children at training or game without informing/asking Coach/Manager.

11. Get involved at club level and help where possible. E.g. help with training, attend meetings, work in canteen etc. If we all do a little, makes it better for everyone.


1. Be familiar with all rules of soccer and play by them

2. Learn to accept the decisions of coaches, managers and referees even if you do not agree with them at the time. Explain your concern to the coach or the manager at a convenient time.

3. Work equally hard both for yourself and the team. Both you and the team will benefit.

4. Cooperate with your Coach and Manager at all times. Sometimes they need to make difficult decisions for the benefit of the entire team.

5. Display respect to your opponents and encourage your team-mates to do the same. Be gracious losers and modest winners.

6. Recognise the support from your parents, coach, manager and others. You wouldn’t be playing soccer without them.

7. Ensure you are in full Club uniform at all official games including:# Boots #Shirts #Socks #Shinpads & No jewellery.

8. Ensure you wear boots and shinpads to training.

9. Be good and follow the instructions of your Coach and Manager at all times. Disobedient players will be subject to the Club’s Player Disciplinary Code of Practice.

10. Most importantly enjoy the fun and fitness.


Player Disciplinary Code of Practice
Coaches and Managers have the right to discipline poor behaviour and disobedience as follows:

AT TRAINING 1 lap of the field.10 minutes sitting on sideline.No further training. Return player to parents. Half game suspension.

AT MATCHES Half match suspension.Return player to parents. No further play. Matter to be brought to the attention of the Club Board for consideration of further discipline.