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Tailored Security Services is a Eurobodalla business with its main office in Moruya.

Owned and operated by Ian Bussey Tailored Security has been delivering security solutions to Eurobodalla in the form of surveilance and crowd control. Well respected Ian and his team hold the accreditations required to perform their tasks and all the staff are thouroughly trained and briefed prior to any assignment.

Home Surveilance - the Tailored Security way:

Over a period of several years the business has been experimenting with different ways to provide better documentation of the security we provide for the community.

Gone are the traditional paper trail and zipping to and from different towns to be replaced by electrical tag monitoring and video and picture confirmation.

Tailored Security offers residents an effective and low cost system to help reduce theft and damage to their property.

Our vehicles are fitted with video cameras which record the routes our vehicles take. The car drives into your drive and snapshots which are date & timed stamped are taken for the client and made available to them, the patrolperson caries out clients’ instructions and returns to the car.

The patrolperson periodically checks our clients’ sites in the period most crime happens. The information is remitted to another location .The patrolperson has unbroken contact with that location.


A Note to Tuross residents -
Residents and visitors to Tuross, as we are driving around Tuross slower than usual taking in as much information as we possibly can please be patient with us if you are behind us to not ride our tails and of a night time flash your high beams when coming up behind us .

Please give us a little time so we can pullover if it is safe to do so. The people who are following these practices are also speeding.

We have adjusted our cameras so we can obtain better footage to pass onto the police for whatever action they deem fit.