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Boat Security options.

It goes without saying that boating in the Tuross area and other parts of the south coast, whether for recreational fishing or other recreational pursuits, has some reasonably big dollars invested by those enthusiasts.

As a popular tourist area with big influxes of visitors in the holiday season and with special events that are held throughout the year this also makes the town very attractive to visitors and locals alike whose intentions are not honourable in respect to other people’s property.

Traditionally, during holiday times cars, boats, trailers, bikes, diving gear etc. were strewn everywhere.

Sadly we can no longer say
” You can leave the place unlocked here mate.”

You need to be proactive in protecting your assets and there are affordable and effective strategies that can be put in place, so yes you may be on holidays and want to party and enjoy time away from the grind but have your strategies in place to make things harder for those who don’t respect your title of ownership.

Where is your boat kept? In your yard, on the strip, covered or uncovered, garaged or nor garaged or in the water?

Do you have periods where you are away or are going take a holiday without the boat?

Do you know your neighbours? Even if you do you need to be sure neighbor is home most of the time and doesn’t have the tv on and has a very good view of your yard and periodically looks into your property. That is a high expectation.

Now for some options that can be helpful:

- Sensor lights overlooking the boat.

- Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) alarm installed in boat( choices of non- dialing and dialing 6no’s)

- Garage alarmed the choices are the same as above.

- Movement activated camera –battery and solar power.(dialing , sms and email notification of activation and non- dialing) and combined sensor light camera.

- IP camera if you have an internet connection (record to hard-drive and send emails with pics to your mobile.)

- CCTV camera system.

- GPS tracking device. Has a sim card installed that sends co-ordinates of your boats location to your mobile phone on request, or it can be programmed to text you if your boat has been moved from its location. ie heading out of town.

Security patrol (an option if going away or for holiday period)

Security Guard for Boat shows or fishing events to prevent tampering, stealing and theft.