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Tailored Security Services
PO BOX890,
Moruya, NSW 2537.

Office ph 0244740770

if you require prompt responses to your enquiries please call our mobile number on

Email TailoredSecurity@gmail.com

The above sticker is both a warning and an authority by the purchaser of the security service to the public that Tailored Security Services is not only providing security for the site but is acting on behalf of the client in accordance with clients instructions. The clients instructions of course have to be legal instructions.

Tuross Head Surveilance

Patrol option1:

Patrol car enters driveway, takes pictures checks surrounds including rear of house or business premises with torch.(this option is not a rattle your doors check)We will require makes of cars and registrations of vehicles that normally are parked at the site. We ask clients to advise any special events or someone who is not on list to ring us on our patrol number.

This Option is available for $40 per month

Patrol option2:

This option is the same as 1 but we do rattle doors and windows and enter site if so directed.

We also can use electric sensor wand that records the time that we checked premises or different sections of a site which may suit businesses or day patrol clients.

This Option is available for $60 per month

Opt in and Opt out - it is simple:

With both options it is on a month by month basis to suit your needs so there is no annual contract to renew

After we arrange the initial details and begin our service you are free to opt in and out of the service as and when you require


Tailored Security are amenable to bulk client reductions in our rates. i.e.

if you are 5 residents in a Close ,

if you combining your Tuross business and Tuross home,

if you have two businesses,

if you have two houses.