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We recommend Alarm installation and monitoring with our good friends, Code 7 Security Service, the only monitoring business in the Eurobodalla shire.

We can install Security cameras or assist you in selecting and locating the best camera for your needs

Types of camera solutions
Remote sites or sites where power is not available trail cameras are an economical solution. When activated the movie footage or pictures are stored on an sd card. They may be secured to trees, gates, posts. Enclosed in cages, boxes & powered by batteries, solar panels, and some have sim cards to sms activation.

Home and business solutions.
Wired & wireless infrared IP cameras are cameras that utilise the internet and computer. The cameras may utilise your router and not use your download or you may remote view your cameras at any time or on sensor activation through a server. The cameras are encoded for protection and the client may choose to have others have control over cameras and have their own passwords and limits placed on them. The external cameras are fixed in general and internal cameras can be moved in horizontal and vertical paths by the operator. The general rule of thumb is 1gb of ram is needed by your computer to run each camera. If considering wireless ip cameras the distance from the router has to be considered and steel content in the structure.

We don’t recommend the use of the wireless camera kits as they are vulnerable and easy to access as all the cameras transmit in one kit on the same frequency as another kit.

Wired infrared camera dvr system come in units with 4 cameras to 16 cameras the dvr is the systems computer and can be linked to a computer and remote viewed if client wishes.

The problems associated with wireless systems and computers are eliminated. Recordings can be backed up to to storage devices and used in court .The recordings may be continuous or movement sensor activated.

Security doors and blinds.
Some people may feel the best security option too keep would be trouble makers out is to install high security fencing, security doors and blinds.

Some people may feel that this is a little extreme but this would depend on the area you live in.

Local theft, intimidating behavior & violence could be some of the factors for you choosing these options.

You might choose to also make it known that, unless invited, no-one is welcome eg "Keep Out".

Most people are becoming familiar with security fencing and security doors but as far as security windows are concerned most resist putting up unattractive bars and grills.

Remote operated security blinds to suit any style of house still allow your house look like a house with the blinds partly or fully pulled down at night. The only difference is, security blinds are in front of the window and are made of metal.

Our recommendation:

No matter what security you have, don’t tell anyone but your closest friends what security you have or show anyone what your cameras’ see.

Close the door to where your monitor is located and if you can, lock it when you are away, otherwise turn off the monitor.

On our part - even if someone has recommended you to us and enquires of the security you may have installed, we will thank them for the introduction to you and tell them to check it out with you. These are valuables lessons’ (loose lips sink ships.)