Tuross Head Surveilance

Tailored Security is offering the people of Tuross a concerted effort to help reduce theft and damage to their property. Our vehicles are fitted with video cameras which record the routes our vehicles take.

Our Tailored Security car drives into your drive and snapshots, which are date & timed stamped, are taken for the client and the patrolperson caries out any client specific instructions before returning to the car.

Our patrolperson periodically checks our clients’ sites in the period most crime happens. The information streaming into the patrol car from our videoss is remitted to another location .ensuring the patrolperson has unbroken contact with that location.

Date & timed stamped photos of client homes are made available to them on request.

The patrol system is for everybody- permanent residents, part-time rentals, holiday homes & business sites.

Two cars utilised in Tuross have nicknames. The old girl, fondly called the Grey Ghost with all the gear is the workhorse of the operation, and the Red Hornet, set out a little differently has a slightly different purpose.

The routes are varied as well as starting times.

Security businesses in this situation work under the enclosed land act of 1902 which basically means that anyone on your property is there by your invitation. The security sticker we provide our clients tells others that we are operating for them, and are entitled to ask for identification and confirm people on sites have the clients’ permission to be on the site. It is imperative that identification be accurate in today’s court climate and a picture tells a thousand words.

How we carry out our services: Option 1 for our clients:

Our Tailored Security Patrol car enters your driveway, takes pictures checks surrounds including rear of house or business premises with torch.(this option is not a rattle your doors check) We will require makes of cars and registrations of vehicles that normally are parked at the site. We ask clients to advise any special events or someone who is not on list to ring us on our patrol number.

Option 2:

This option is the same as Option 1 but we do rattle doors and windows and enter site if so directed.

We also can use electric sensor wand that records the time that we checked premises or different sections of a site which may suit businesses or day patrol clients.

Above: typical images from night patrol captured on our video cameras at 2 frames per second

Please note. We have no authority to operate for non -clients and will only patrol streets that we have clients. Images released to clients are only of their own property. Data is not recorded for any outside agencies and is destroyed after 3 months’. Tailored Security Services only actions the enclosed lands act of 1902 (for their clients in the prevention of damage and loss of property).