Linda Oxley



In 1990 Linda was inspired to write an opera about Joan of Arc. Linda had always identified with Joan, and was inspired by her courage and strength as a woman to fight against the odds, for a cause she
believed was just and fair.

Having composed a previous musical, Linda knew it would be a huge task to write an opera with continuous music. There are few Australian composers who have taken on this enormous task. With that in mind
Linda resigned from full-time music teaching to write "D'Arc."

She began work on the songs and musical score based on parts of Joan's life and approached a number of people to write the libretto with no success. Elisabetta, who had written a book on this period, approached Linda to write the Libretto. Linda and Elisabetta both felt it was time for Saint Joan to be portrayed as the strong and courageous
woman she was.

Linda has written the song melodies, harmonies musical score and the orchestral sequences in a modern vein influenced by music of the 15th Century, which she studied extensively at the University of NSW. At the NSW Conservatorium of Music she majored in classical guitar to
AMUSA level with minor studies in string, wind, brass instruments, piano, voice and movement.

Linda has a Bachelor of Education in Music. She has performed, composed and conducted for musical theatre, vocal ensembles, rock bands, and instrumental ensembles. Her expertise has seen her
perform at the Opera House, on ABC Radio and she has sung with the University Choir.

Linda is currently studying orchestration for film music and composing and arranging popular songs.



Linda is also the principal singer and guitarist of Spicy Fruit Chutney

Spicy Fruit Chutney is a lively Celtic Folk/Rock band, based on the NSW south coast playing original songs and their own arrangements of traditional tunes and songs from Ireland, England and Scotland and musical arrangements with Klezma, Cajun and Middle Eastern influences.

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Happily living on the South Coast Linda is presently offering music tuition in all styles of guitar, HSC
music and composition.



you can contact Linda at: