Sheryl Miller "06.17 Summer Evening Tuross Head"

Tuross Head and local area Artists:

Maurice Bramley - Cartoonist
1890 - 1963

Terry Fuller - sculptor
"I have been moving away from explicit figurative pieces and tending towards the more contemporary. I am better able to show emotion and the viewer is less distracted by fine details and is able to concentrate on the message of the piece as a whole"
Michael Weyman Bronze

Margaret Dimoff - painter
Margaret's style is unique and she draws inspiration from many sources. She is inspired by colour from her garden,
texture and line and shapes and balance in nature. Margaret paints in oils, acrylic and mixed media and her art varies from
florals, to stick figures and also abstract paintings.

Gillianne Tedder - Photographer
Her imagination, diverse camera skills and unfailing sense of humor are underscored by her commitment to deliver compelling images. From steaming, sweaty jungles to boardrooms on the umpteenth floor; it’s all an adventure.

Sandra Maw - painter
Most of Sandra's work is done in watercolour, although she also enjoys using mixed media or oil. Many of her paintings are completed in the studio after working "on location" doing composition layouts and watercolour sketches

Sandra Hendy - painter
Sandra specialises in water colour and mixed media and was awarded the Highly Commended at the 2008 Basil Sellers Art Prize

Sandra Hendy


Simply Wood - woodturning
The artist is happy to display examples of his work however wishes to remain anonymous to the general public, happy in showing the diversity of art and its artisans in our small community.

Stuart Whitelaw - painter and artist

" There is something about the quality of light and colour that you put down when you work outdoors that continually surprises me"

Stuart explores new means of painting outdoors, using a wheeled easel to transport large canvasses to paint in situ. His materials are also adapted to the rapid work this approach demands and a painting technique using pastels and clear medium result in exciting, vibrant, and colourful works.

John Payne - Potter
The lustrous, radiant glaze that John's crystalline pots exhibit are truly exquisite and rare. Due to this very uncommon, wondrous finish they are all unique in their surface and texture and no pot can be repeated.

Ritchey Sealey - Bodalla

Congo Crafts - Jim Simms
- potter

Barbara Romalis - painter, sculptor and artist
for an overview of Barbara's work please visit her webpage here

Richard Moffatt - sculptor
a master of large scrap metal sculptures



Ritchey Sealey Gallery - Bodalla


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Sheryl Miller Gallery
Artwork including Watercolours, Ink/Watercolour, Acrylics and Mixed media.


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