Tuross Head Caring Group.
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The Tuross Head Caring Group has grown out of the local Catholic community who saw areas of need that just require a friendly neighbour type response. They are:

To Church.
To Doctors.
To Shops.
Socials locally.

For care givers in
their own home or
short outing.

Help with:
Minor odd jobs around the house,

Visiting the sick, housebound or lonely.

Help with computers for the isolated to access e
mails and the Web.
Social gatherings.
Support to those
suffering a mental illness

We meet each week on THURSDAYS
at the Tuross Head Country Club
10am —12noon.
(Stay on for lunch if you want)

....our Thursday socials are a happy time to which everyone is welcome to attend, buy your own coffee and join in the happy banter. You do not need to be a signed up volunteer to join us, just come. We will pick you up if you need a lift.


If you require transport please phone us. Non Club members will be signed in.
(FYI: Subscription to the Club is $15)

If you or someone you know needs our assistance please phone our mobile.

0497 315 534


Would you like to become a Volunteer?

Please NOTE: Volunteers and those we help DO NOT need to be Catholic

Because we are a Church organisation our activities are covered by the church insurance policy.

We require you to complete a Volunteer Form and anyone needing assistance needs to give their permission for us to contact them.

Volunteers need to ‘sign up’ in order to be covered and also be prepared to commit to our Duty of Care requirements for the sake of the volunteer and the person requiring assistance.

Registration also gives us an indication of what areas the voilunteer would be happy to help out in.

You don't have to be a Tradesperson or expert to volunteer !!!!

The requests we have had are for help with changing a light globe or unscrewing the cap off a bottle. There are many other tasks that poor eyesight, failing hearing and bad knees and hips stop us from doing ourselves and there are people willing to help out. We just need to match them up.

The Caring Group has also compiled a data base of services available from various Agencies and will refer those in need of professional assistance or long term care to these agencies.

Give us a call - we would love to hear from you

0497 315 534


You can find other Community service agencies on our

Tuross Head Community Services page


Do you know any CARERS? Or are you working with any CARERS?

Carers are people who provide unpaid work/support to a family member or friend with a disability, mental illness, frail aged, chronic illness or those who need palliative care.

Carers may or may not be receiving Centrelink benefit, this does not affect eligibility.

Southern Highlands Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre (SH CRCC)provides support for carers with;

· Emergency Respite – 1800 052 222 is available 24hrs, 7 days a week. For example, should a carer become ill during the night or admitted to go to hospital, carers can feel at ease knowing that they can phone SH CRCC at 3am if necessary.

· Short Term Respite
· Planned Respite

Some of the types of supports, but not limited to, are;
· Domestic assistance
· Counselling
· Social supports
· Personal care
· Nursing care
· Transport to medical appointments
· Respite in an aged care facility
· Courses that are relevant to caring role i.e. first aid
· Short breaks
· Equipment to assist in performing caring role

As every care situation is different, we aim to be as flexible as possible to find the respite arrangement that works best for you and your family. We aim to support the diversity of different family needs.

If possible, we encourage carers to register prior to needing assistance.

If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1800 052 222 or email respite.coordinators@carersact.org.au