Tuross Head Cricket Club



for info contact Boyd on 44736062


In the News

In the News: Cricketers prepare for 2008-09 16/06/2008

Tuross Head Triumphant E.D.C.A First Grade Premiers 2007/2008

Tuross end Cavaliers’ run 4/02/2009



Facts & Figures:

Competition: Eurbodalla District Cricket Association

Home Ground: Kyla Oval, Tuross Head: Turf Wicket

Club Formed: 1979

Colours: Bottle Green & Gold

Nickname: Baggy Green’s / The Ross

Premierships: A Grade / 1st Grade
A Grade: 1979-80 Central South Coast District Cricket Association

A Grade: 1985-86 Central South Coast Cricket Association
A Grade: 1990-91 Central South Coast Cricket Association
1st Grade: 2004-05 Eurobodalla District Cricket Association
1st Grade: 2007-08 Eurobodalla District Cricket Association

Club Captain: Peter Engelbrecht

Competition Teams:
Batemans Bay Cavaliers
Batemans Bay Tigers
Batemans Bay Boars


Contact Details:

Michael Taylor
President and Ground Curator
4473 8561

Boyd Brennan
Secretary and Treasurer
Eurobodalla D.C.A: Operations Manager
4473 6062


Theme Song:

Come in spinner,
Show us what you've got,
We''ll put our best foot forward,
And the other to our heads,
I t's the Tuross River fever,
Contagious it may be,
But when we have more runs than you,
The happier we'll be.
[hay !]

Come on Tuross,
Let's show 'em how to play !
On the turf, through the wind,
and in the stinkin' heat !
If the weathers fine and the pitch is good,
The Spookies will appear!
But when we have more runs than you
We couldn't give a rear!
[yeah !]