Our Tuross Head dogs

Dogs around town:

Dogs are more than welcome on our shared cycleways however they MUST be on a leash at all times

In the area of the Monash Ave/Anderson Ave foreshore dogs may be off the leash but only in the foreshore area and NOT on the shared cycleway.

Eurobodalla Shire Council has prepared a variety of documents covering keeping Companion Animals in our Shire.

You might like to start with this link

Dogs on the Tuross beaches:

The Council has put some rules in place to make sure that dogs can be responsibly exercised on the beaches of the Eurobodalla Coast.

Most of the indentified areas in the Shire are available on a "time-share" basis sharing our beaches between those with dogs and those who would rather be on the beach without dogs.

We are very fortunate here in Tuross to have incredible beaches to share with our dogs. Please don't abuse this freedom.

If you are going outside of Tuross you might like to refer to Councils "Dogs on Beaches" leaflet here

Location Map of Dog Excercise areas in Tuross Head

NOTE : Time Share Off-Leash Exercise Areas - *24 hour access off season*

• From - 1 November to 30 April time-share access is available between 5pm and 9am
• From - 1 May to 31 October access is available on a 24 hour basis

Please note that Dogs must be on a lead within the Memorial Gardens.
The gardens are a public place and are the work of our wonderful Garden committee who keep the gardens immaculate for all to enjoy. Damage to plants and dog droppings are two things that can be overcome with the help of caring and responsible dog owners. If you see dogs off the lead in the Gardens please advise their owners.


Note: In off leash areas dogs must be effectively controlled and supervised at all times. Dog faeces must be removed immediately.

Penalties do apply and are regulary enforced.

Note that dogs are prohibited on our popular swimming beaches and after 2.6km to the north of Coila Beach as well as south of the Tuross River mouth as that section of beach is National Park
(keep an eye out for NP signs).


Dog Poo Bags for our VISITORS

We are incredibly fortunate to have two stunning places to take our dogs for walks in this community.

Please be responsible for your dog at all time and take full responsibilty for its droppings as well.

The village has Doo-Do dispensers to provide environmentally friendly bags to owners caught out without their own supply.

Eurobodalla Shire Council DONATES 4000 bags to the Tuross Community each year.

Occasionally generous members of the community of Tuross supplement the year round demand.

AND BEACHES - then buy a roll for the dispenser
(you can pass it on to a Council Ranger to refill and watch as the locals take dozens at a time)

These donations help cover the shortfall to provide a backstop supply however the donations are few and far between. The dispenser at One Tree Point was bought by the Tuross Business Owners Association. Whilst they provided the dispenser they could not commit to funding the restocking of bags as two rolls of 1000 bags each cost $400 and the Assoc does not have that revenue.

When the dispensers are empty it means that supplies have been used up.

At ALL times it is the responsibilty of a dog owner to pick up their dogs droppings.


Locals: Please be considerate and provide your own bags and restrict using the bags that are provided so that they are available to VISITING dog owners or to those residents who find themselves without a bag. These courtesy bags cost around 7 cents each.

Local Donors are always welcome to help fund the supplementary bags.