Friends of the Giant


The Tuross Head Weekly Times came into being in October 2008.

Tuross Head has a long tradition of having its own newsletter.

The TurossNews served the community well from December 1980 to November 2009.
With production costs exceeding advertising revenue the once monthly printed TurossNews was no longer a viable format.

The Tuross Head Weekly Times came about as an on-line addendum to this www.turosshead.org website as a means to
diseminate information about changes to the website.

For four weeks the Tuross Head Weekly Times and the TurossNews sat side by side. Once the TurossNews folded the Tuross Head Weekly Times extended its format to provide community news on a weekly basis.

It became known as the Weekly Giant when a reader rang the editor to ask questions about
"the weekly paper... you know... the Tuross Giant"

So who are the Friends of the Giant ?

From time to time the publisher/editor/copylad/newspaperboy
for the Tuross Head Weekly Times needs a holiday away from the village !!!!

Friends of the Giant are members of the Tuross Community interested in stepping in and ensuring the continuity of the newsletter for periods up to three months at a time providing the continuity a newsletter to the Tuross community that is friendly, local, informative, timely, neutral/positive in regards to most elements of Local/State and Federal actions that affect the Tuross community and questioning of those items and events that may be considered of detriment.

Much along the lines that now have the Tuross Head Weekly Giant one of the most talked about community newsletters on the
South Coast of NSW.

Primarily there are editors who are happy to take turns compiling copy into a set template in Publisher software.
This requires them to have a non-Macintosh machine and be interested in learning to use Publisher software. All editors are trained one-on-one in being able to compile and publish weekly newsletters using an established template. A most satisfying role.

Then there are the contributers who enjoy providing content that ranges from Group News to Sports, Council news to
articles on local nature and local history. These contributors can submit their content via email in any format for the editor to collect and collate.

There are those who enjoy photography and capturing local events for the social pages.

Some members are already in the roles of being publicity officers for their own clubs whilst others are happy to sit at cafes
talking to residents and listening to opinion in order to compose articles that are of current concern within the community.

Friends of the Giant meet each week over coffee or wine and pizza to discuss the newsletter for the week with the intention of meeting the publishing date of Wednesday Mornings. The appointed Editor for each week is the one also responsible for ensuring the subscribers are notified each Wednesday morning of the latest publication.

Friends of the Giant enjoy hands on tuition in the whole process of on-line newsletter production.

If you are interested in the local Tuross Giant Newsletter production and would like to be involved in its making and continuity please contact 44738106