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"Beautiful Tuross Head" - A short DVD produced from the
16mm movie made
by Hector McWilliam in 1927

Hector McWilliam


Tuross Estate was bought from Mary Mylott by Hector McWilliam over several years from 1923 to 1926. Hector was then aged 48. At the time the property was under the management of Mr Stockman.

When Patrick Mylott died in Sydney in 1898 his widow terminated George Smarts lease on the Tuross Head farm (the Mylotts had moved to Sydney to assist in developing their daughter's career and had leased the farm) and henceforth worked it herself with the aid of the children.

Popular local History stated the following for many years:

Mary Mylott decided to retire in 1917 and in June 1920 sold the property to G.T Stockman. He tried to raise fodder for a son who owned a produce business but soon found that the climate harmed his delicate wife and sought a change.

"Hector R, McWilliam had been selling real estate in Wagga and fell in love with the Bodalla district while visiting on holiday. He sought an outlet for some of his grandiose dreams of fame and fortune and,
hearing of Stockmand dillemma, offered to exchange land that he owned on the Monaro for Stockman and interest in Tuross......."

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extracts {text and photo} from "Eurobodalla; History of Moruya District" H.J Gibbney



The proof is in the pudding and the deeds of ownership of the Tuross Head property show that Stockman never purchased the property (in 1920) from Mary Mylott (as described above) and there was a direct sale of the land to Hector McWilliam.

In order to see the evidence of this the deeds of title and sale are scanned and now available.

The land was originally owned by Colonial Mutual and Mary Mylott secured its ownership in 1904

She then sold the land to Hector McWilliam in 1925

At no point is Stockman mentioned as an owner in the transfer of ownership....most likely he was only a leasee.

Hector was very generous to the community and bequeathed them a wealth of Public Reserves

A wonderful album of photos has been made available by Hector's granddaughter Elizabeth.

Also be sure to look at the following pages of the wonderful flyer that Hector published in September 1955 as a promotion for Tuross Head. It is in parts so please imagine it all joined....

For the complete set of the sixteen panel flyer see these photos



"Beautiful Tuross Head" - A short DVD produced from the 16mm movie made Hector McWilliam in 1927

(The film you will see here is an edited 10 minute version made suitable for YouTube - apologies for the compression quality).

Please contact the Moruya Historical Society if you would like to view the longer (and clearer) version. Copies of the DVD can be purchased from the Moruya Historical Society.

Hector's son in law, Harry Overgaard played a major role in the development of Tuross assisting Hector in construction, planting and generally setting up the village

There are several photos of Harry in the Hector McWilliam collection

One shows him beside a slab of Granite which later was to become the Martin Place Cenotaph

Historians might enjoy these two links in regards to the slab and the Cenotaph


Death Notice: Family Notices. (1938, October 4). The Sydney Morning Herald

McWILLIAM.-October 2, 1938, at a private hospital, Mosman, Ethel Constance, beloved wife of Hector R. McWilliam, of 236 Raglan Street, Mosman, and loved mother of Douglas and Leslie.

McWILLIAM.-October 2, 1938, Ethel Constance McWilliam, beloved daughter of Mrs. Caroline Gray,

of Wolseley Road, Mosman, and loved sister of Daisy (Mrs. Hargraves), Vera (Mrs. A. Lloyd),

Miss Myra Gray, Vivian, Roy, Leslie, and Ernest (deceased).

McWILLIAM.-October 1, 1938, Ethel Constance McWilliam, beloved step-mother of Jessie (Mrs. Obergaard), Jean (Mrs. Willis, of Coonabarabran),

and Jock.