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Tuross Head History

For many years now the history of Tuross has been kept by various residents around the village.

Mostly in the form of memories and old photos. Be sure to explore the photos as there are many photographed documents in their archives

This page will hopefully now bring all these memories and photos into a single point.

As always this is a never ending project so look in from time to time to see to see what is new.

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Aboriginal History and Heritage

Please click here to learn of the Aboriginal heritage of Tuross Head and surrounds



First European History;

1797 George Bass plus George Bass Wiki page

1798 Bass and Flinders

9.10.1798- Flinders at Montague Island
In the morning, we steered along the shore; and saw eight or nine miles from the south point of Bateman's Bay, a small opening like a river running south-westward. It was here that Mr. Bass found a lagoon with extensive salt swamps behind it. At noon, the east point of the opening bore N. ¼ W. seven miles, and the top of Mount Dromedary was visible about the haze.

Soon after noon. land was in sight to the S. S. E., supposed to be the Point Dromedary of captain Cook's chart; but, to my great surprise, it proved to be an island not laid down, though lying near two leagues from the coast. The whole length of this island is about one mile and a quarter, north and south; the two ends are a little elevated, and produce small trees; but the sea appeared to break occasionally over the middle part. It is probably frequented by seals, since many were seen in the water whilst passing at the distance of two miles. This island, I was afterwards informed, had been seen in the ship Surprise, and honoured with the name of Montague.



The History of the Tuross and Bodalla area

The Bodalla Estate
By Helen Townend


Using “voices from the past”, the Bodalla Estate book is an extraordinarily valuable historical record of the development and establishment of the dairy industry in early Australian European history through to modern times.

The story begins with TS Mort’s 1860 decision to establish a single vast integrated dairy farming estate & butter & cheese manufacturing enterprise over 50,000 acres of land at Bodalla.

A series of eye-witness documents, quoted exactly as written at a particular time, describe in detail how this huge estate was established, the landscape, buildings, workers, practices, regulations, facilities etc & the difficulties and successes of daily milking & cheese making.

Beginning in 1860, the original reports continue through the years to the final outcome for the “Bodalla Estate” in 1989. This book provides a rare opportunity to present to the reader an accurate a view of history as is possible.

Available from the Moruya & District Historical Society Inc.

85 Campbell St Moruya 2537
$25 + $10 postage & handling

Also available at Tuross Head Post Office and the Moruya Book Shop

All proceeds from sales of this book have been dedicated to the Moruya & District Historical Society


"The Trade and Resources of the districts served by the Moruya River."
Report to the Legislative Assembly of NSW by Stanley Alexander,
Examiner of Public Works Proposals. Report written December 1891

The History of Tuross Head
as a town


The Mary Mylott transfer of sale to Hector McWilliam - pdf file

1924 Private Sale Map of Subdivision

HectorMcWilliam - Subdivision Promo


Some Old Maps and Plans;

John Hawdon - Boat Alley

.... and maybe visit the Land Titles Office and look at the old Parish of CONGO plans via this link

and for a map of some historic photo locations around Tuross click here



The Sydney Morning Herald

Saturday 28 April 1928



Following on Mr. Collingridge's interesting article on the way original names have become changed and perverted, in the "S.M.H." some few Saturdays back, one is drawn to comment on the native names of Australia which have lost, or are losing, their proper pronunciation, and therefore their significance

Every district has a list of names which old residents will indignantly correct when they hear them mispronounced to-day. It would be well, when these older residents know of erroneous pronunciations, if they would notify them at the local lands offices. not necessarily for official correction, but that a record of these things may be, as far is possible, preserved while there is yet time.

On the South Coast there are many names which are becoming entirely altered from their original pronunciation. For Instance. Kiama was always pronounced Ki-amma. never Ki-arma, as so often nowadays. Narooma, that spot favoured by motorists, is both spelled and pronounced incorrectly. In the old days it was spelt "Noorooma." and pro-nounced Noor-rma. the last two syllables being slurred together in that peculiar way the blacks have, and the accent was abso- lutely on the first syllable. Bodalla, when firm taken up by John Hawdon, was called Botally by the blacks, the accent again on the first syllable, and has gradually become Bodalla by later residents. Punkally has become Punkalla, while Trunkatabilly is now put on the maps as Trunkatabella.

Kyla Park, another of the Hawdon holdings, has become on the map Coila, a particularly ugly perversion, probably attained by assigned Irish servants of the family



Some Local History;

Come on a quick journey via a slideshow pdf of 100 years of Tuross Head history

The Beautiful Tuross 1927 article

The Beautiful Tuross Film by H McW- 1927

A bit of Tuross History - complied by Helen Townend

Tuross Bridge collapse 1954

Buildings and sites;

The Pines

Nodding Wold

Kyla Park and Tuross - a history (still to be accessed)

A History of the Progress Hall

Heritage sites in and around Tuross Head

Photos of other old homes and buildings around Tuross

History of the Boatsheds

History of the Tern Inn

Kyla Grazing Lots

Kyla Hall History



John Hawdon

Patrick Mylott

Memories of Tuross Jessie Overgaard

Andy and Thelma McFeat - The Pines

Eva Mylott

Hector McWilliam

Mona Hessing - "Mona Reserve"


Floods 1971 - newspaper cutting pdf file 300kb

The Tuross River mouth rock wall construction 2008

Flood Feb 2010



Tuross Group Histories:
The Progress Association and Hall pdf file 245kb

The Tuross Head Bushfire brigade pdf file 800kb

The Tuross Cycleway

One Tree and The Rotters


The Tuross Country Club (still being written)

The Shamrock Rugby Team

Tuross Head Youth and Sports Club

Tuross Newsletter Archives



Book Extracts;
(I very much encourage you to find these books in the Moruya Library and read them cover to cover)

Behind Broulee -Tuross Extracts pdf file

Eurobodalla Almanac- Tuross Extracts pdf file

Eurobodalla Cultural Aboriginal Study March 2005 pdf file
Eurobodalla Cultural Aboriginal Study July 2006 pdf file

Journal of the Moruya & District Historical Society Inc - Extracts pdf file

Reminincences of Moruya Aborigines - Barlow 1888
pdf file

Thirty years at Tuross Head pdf file

Eurobodalla (extracts on Tuross) by Gibbney pdf file


There are quite a number of local Historic Publications on sale through the
Moruya Historic Society Publications

The Moruya Historical Society have their web page here