Ian Hockey

A true Turossian and a son of the sea

1954 - 2013

IAN HOCKEY 1954-2013


Ian's last paddle - October 19th, 2013 One Tree Point - Tuross Head
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Casting out to the horizon,
set sail within the tides.
Every even flowing current,
that is where he now resides.
He wears his sailors victory well,
A man of pure steam,
a poet and a dreamer,
the light he holds still beams.
Back before this journey started,
there was a place made on earth for him,
he grabbed the reigns and rode that horse
and in the end he won the race.
The waves will tell his story,
the ocean is who he is.
The earth he walked and made his mark,
natural born legend for eternity,



Australia's finest
Bay Post Oct. 2, 2003

AT some time in their life, almost everyone has been told to enter the sporting arena and focus on having fun rather than trying to win.

While the cynics out there might snicker at that, this approach worked wonders for Tuross Head's Ian Hockey.

With the mantra of 'surf like Hockey' floating in his head, Hockey went out and won the Over 45s division at the Australian Longboard Titles in Middleton, South Australia, last Saturday.

It was a Eurobodalla one-two finish, with Mossy Point's Rob Nedwich finishing second.

After experiencing a lean run during competitive surfing over the last three years, Hockey picked the right time to break the drought.

"Over the last few years I'd surf well, but then lose in the semi-finals," Hockey said.

"That run ended when I won the regional competition here, then got a third at the State titles.

"The whole ‘surf like Hockey' thing is about surfing to have fun and just doing my normal thing.

"Other times I've used strategies and tried pretty much everything, but it didn't work for me."

Finding an approach that worked paid off for Hockey, who finished in the top-two of his heats on the first two days of the six-day competition to win through to the semi-finals.

On the other side of the draw, Nedwich had a similar run, which meant neither copped the worst of the conditions last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Although the surf was a contestable four-to-five feet early on, side-shore winds made it difficult for competitors.

This abated for finals day, bring on what Hockey called ‘magic waves'.

Both men won through to the four-man final, with the other two places taken by the top seeds from NSW and Queensland.

Nedwich said this helped his and Hockey's chances greatly.

"Those guys were playing games with each other, which left Ian and me with a nice run," Nedwich said.

"They were trying to get inside each other on the waves, and would end up catching one then have it close out on them.

"Ian and I just went out and surfed."

Hockey took the early lead and after a high-scoring second wave, everyone else needed an eight-point ride to catch him.

However, he had time to top that with the highest-scoring wave of the day.

"Just before the hooter I caught a screamer of a wave," Hockey said

"I rode it for 200m and ripped off a couple of manoeuvres.

"As I came out of the end, I just remember putting my arms up and thinking to myself - ‘I think I've just won an Australian title'."

While Hockey was a decisive winner, Nedwich didn't know the outcome until the presentation ceremony.

"A couple of guys told me they thought I was second, but I didn't find out for sure until later," Nedwich said.

"I was just delighted to make the final in the first place.

"Some blokes always make it that far, but I never win anything, so it was a big surprise to finish second."

"I have to thank Mark Rabbidge who shaped a new board for me, and Vince at Come Alive for putting me on a fitness program.

"Along with those two guys, I suppose it was blind that got me through."

Nedwich also made the winner's speech on behalf of Hockey, who arrived late for the ceremony.

"I just missed it," Hockey said.

"But Rob said the right things and I think he thanked the right people."

Like Nedwich, Hockey also used a new board for the event.

"Brian Kellway from Ulladulla did up a new board for me.

"He's been my shaper for a long time now, and we have a really good relationship now where I design the boards and he shapes them."

Tuross Head surfer wins over 40 section

Posted Tue 30 Sep 2003,

Ian Hockey, from Tuross Head, on the NSW far south coast, has won a section of the Australian surfboard riding championships.

More than 160 competitors took part in the championships, which have just finished at Victor Harbour in South Australia.

Hockey, 50, won the over 40 category, with another far south coast competitor, Rob Nedwich from Tomakin, taking second.

Hockey says while the newer, shorter board is more popular on the far south coast, there are still many people in the region who prefer the longer boards.

"It has been traditionally a short board haven, but there are havens such as Merimbula and Broulee where you'll find long boards are very popular," he said.



Age not an issue for Ian
Bay Post March 21, 2006

AGE is all in the head - that was something Tuross longboarder Ian Hockey proved when, at 52, he won the over 35 division at the prestige Noosa Festival of Surfing this month.

In doing so he defeated the current Australian over 35 champion Damien Coulter, who is 15 years his junior.

"When I was announced the winner, there was a bloke on a mobile phone and he said 'some old bloke's dished up Coulter, he looks about 60'," Hockey said.

The Festival is the Wimbledon of longboarding in the Southern Hemisphere and it attracted 480 surfers who competed in nine categories.

In true surfer style, Hockey drove up to the Festival in his beach buggy, but knew that the odds were heavily stacked against him winning anything.

"The events were organised in a lottery format and you had to get your name picked out," Hockey said.

"There were no spots left in the over 50s and over 45s, but even though the over 35s were full, someone pulled out so I got a start."

The swell in the area had been big in the lead-up to the event.

However, the conditions at the start of the tournament were more suited to swimming and sunbaking than surfing.

"The conditions were very poor, with tiny surf, and it was a matter of luck if you made it through or not," Hockey said.

Luckily, Hockey made it through to the semi-finals, by which time the swell had improved and the heats moved to the first point closest to town.

On the day of the final, the waves were "perfect".

When the best set of the day rolled in, Coulter caught one of the waves and scored a 8.7, and it seemed the title was his.

However, Hockey then scored a 9 on his wave and claimed it for himself.

"I was a hero to the old blokes," he said.

Despite his triumph, the hardest part of the trip was yet to come for Hockey.

"I was driving home in my beach buggy when 18 inches of rain hit Bellingen," he said.

"It was like driving home in a bathtub."

Pacific LongBoarder Magazine
Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hailing from Moruya on the NSW South Coast, restauranter Ian Hockey is a regular in Over 55 finals on the Oz longboard contest scene, as well as a top bloke who's been quite a wanderer over many years to exotic surf spots. Now he's popped up on Malaysia's Benak River tidal bore in Sarawak. (Not to be confused with the recently exposed Bono River bore in Sumatra.)

Like the Bono, the Benak was first surfed by the world's leading bore-rider/explorer Frenchman Antony "Yep" Colas, who also wrote and photographed articles on these phenomenons for PLB

Check out this vid below of 57-year-old Ian surfing the Benak


Unexpected Guest to Sri Aman
Friday, 17 June 2011

Ian Hockey's surfing experience in Sri Aman

Hooolllaaaa !! Here i would like to share with u about Mr. Ian Hockey's experience last time !! Hopefully with this news it will b make our local tourism product well known by world ! (make sure we still keep our nature properly dude !!)

Ian Hockey is a 57 year old former NSW State and Australian Longboard divisional title holder, a surfer for over 46 years.

What Mr.Ian says..........

" Now back in our Southern Philippines home and I’m still feeling the tingles of excitement as I relive the last few days that was centered on Sri Aman, Sarawak.
Not just a wonderful place with wonderful people but here is housed an actual wonder of our planet.

Tucked just out of sight from the regular tourist trails this ever so pretty little town offers not just an upclose and personal encounter with an ethnic diversity in a thriving, well governed and organized community, and not just an encounter with genuinely friendly locals who are really proud of their town and not just a place where one can find a multitude of hidden away eateries serving a huge variety of fresh tasty food. One will find all of these, but it is only here that you will find the Mighty Benak!

Sri Aman is one of only a handful of places on earth where nature has allowed all of the required elements to produce a daily phenomenon of a tidal tsunami that is actually rideable for watercraft. And it goes on for miles! Right past the purpose built viewing platforms and wharf areas where it is possible to sit and have a drink or a snack while experiencing it.

Indeed it is more than simply viewing the wall of water where earlier in the day an ocean going ship may have been berthed , it’s also about hearing its approach as if there is a distant locomotive about to appear and then to feel the raw energy that follows which carries far beyond its tidal boundaries.

My primary purpose in coming here was to go to the next step in the experience and ride that wave! Not in quite the same manner that has been done for eons by the locals in their streamlined canoes, but in a manner I’ve been more accustomed to for nearly the last half century, on my surfboard.

Not for the faint hearted as the Lupar River is also home to the largest flesh eating amphibians still inhabiting the earth ….The Saltwater Crocodile!

However any wave rider will tell you that surfing is constantly about weighing the odds against survival, whether it be dry reef, sharks, wave size or in this case crocs and in taking that chance it led an almost surreal experience for me.

The anticipation of the wave’s approach gave way to butterflys in the stomach, and then to catch it and feel the energy of an ocean of water compressing its way between meandering banks, it’s shape and size continually mutating into something different, and all whilst negotiating this, travelling past picture postcard rural scenes, left me in a state of semi euphoria!

The skilled boatman did his stuff brilliantly as I think I rode that same wave six times over I’m not sure how many kilometers. Whether it was from pilot error or simply the wave becoming lazy as it at times entered deeper waters, each time he would pick me up and after a bone jarring race around or over the swell he would deliver me back in front to start again.

Eventually I succumbed, my legs feeling like jelly, not a turn left in them and I had to let this magnificent beast go, onward out of sight, still throwing up long glassy walls as if to just taunt me.

This was the glide that will be forever etched in my memories, and in helping to make this at all possible I sincerely thank The Resident Office of the Sri Aman division, in particular The Resident Mr. Abdul Rahman Sebli Bin Senusi, the Vice Resident Ms. Felicia Tan, the Administrative Officer Mr. L-Fizan Paukan and the Resident Tour Guide, the lovely Ms. Magdelene Rinya Tenny all of whom went far beyond the call of duty. I feel nothing less than respect, gratitude and friendship for you"

Yours Sincerely
Ian Hockey

Bamboo and barrels
Ian rides a Richard Mathews bamboo surfboard made from sustainable local resources.
Woven bamboo replaces the fiberglass matting (used in conventional surfboard design)
creating a more eco-friendly surfboard. source



Above: The famous surfer from Malibu Mex, Bodalla

MALIBU MEX RESTAURANT & SURF MUSEUM has been feeding hungry South Coast surfers for years. Owner Ian Hockey has built his life around chasing waves and offering great South Coast hospitality.

He surfs everyday he can and still actively competes in Longboard events.
MALIBU MEX decor is a surfing time capsule, a must see for anyone passing through the beautiful Eurobodalla region on NSW's South Coast.

Have a go at conquering the No.13 Combo to get logged into THE BOOK OF PIGS.

"Malibu Mex is dedicated to serving flavourful Mexican style food prepared with the freshest ingredients in a relaxed, family-friendly and festive atmosphere by courteous and knowledgeable staff. We support sustainable agricultural practices and local businesses; we are committed to maintaining the surfing lifestyle."








Layback Longboarders
Wollongong Nsw Australia

Ian Hockey Passes Away
Posted on October 5, 2013

G’day guys and gal’s,

Some sad news of late, that an absolute south coast legend and great bloke, Ian Hockey, recently passed away from a battle with cancer. He was a great surfer, rode a bottle design better than anybody and loved the place he found for himself to relax overseas in these recent years. The food he served at his Mexican café was bloody unreal and it always came served with a hundred and one stories about the history that was hanging on the walls of that place.

Anyways, there is a PADDLE OUT for Ian, 19th October, down at Tuross. Nik Nightingale passed this info on to me in case any of you that knew Ian would like to go along.

I know you are hooking into some great waves wherever you are mate, enjoying a pipe and relaxing til the next swell kicks. R.I.P.



Last paddle for Tuross legend
By Josh Gidney of the Bay Post
Oct. 18, 2013

Tuross Head lost a true surfing legend in Ian Hockey recently, and there will be a chance to farewell him with one last paddle out at his beloved One Tree Point tomorrow.

The many trophies Ian won, including Australian titles, will be on display as will many of the surfboards he designed and shaped and his iconic dune buggy, which took him to tournaments up and down the coast.
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“Ian was a community icon, a unique character and a bloody good surfer,” fellow Tuross Head surfing veteran Greg Woodford said.

“As well as his wins he designed and shaped many of his own boards, including some shaped like coke bottles and some you could fold up and put in a suitcase.”

The paddlers will form a circle off One Tree Point and Ian’s children, Sarah, Josh and Aaron, will scatter his ashes at the spot that meant so much to him.

Afterward, many of Ian’s surfing movies will be shown at Tuross Head Country Club.

At the age of 52 in 2006, he won the over -35 division at the prestige Noosa Festival of Surfing.

In doing so he defeated the then Australian over 35 champion Damien Coulter, 15 years his junior.

“When I was announced the winner, there was a bloke on a mobile phone and he said ‘some old bloke’s dished up Coulter, he looks about 60’,” Ian said at the time.
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Before that, he had won the over 45s division at the Australian Longboard Titles in South Australia in 2003.

He surfed in many different countries around the world and list of his achievements and adventures are many.


Malibu farewell to local longboard surfing champion Ian Hockey
Bay Post Oct 21st

THE Far South Coast community on Saturday said farewell to local longboard legend and restaurateur Ian Hockey of Tuross Head.

About 120 people paddled out at One-Tree Point to watch Ian Hockey’s children, Sarah, Joshua and Aaron scatter their father’s ashes over the water at one of Ian’s favourite surfing spots.

Hundreds of people also lined the headland to watch the paddle-out in celebration of Ian’s life.

After his ashes had been cast on the ocean, two pods of humpback whales swam around headland and frolicked in the sea as if to honour Ian and his love of the ocean.

Afterwards several hundred people returned to Tuross Head Country Club where the Hockey family had organised a comprehensive slide show and video show of Ian’s life along with some of Ian’s surfing memorabilia.

After a spit barbecue luncheon prepared by the Hockey family, people were invited to share their stories of Ian. Among the speakers were master of ceremonies and good friend of Ian’s, Kirk Willcox media director for Surf Aid, former editor of Trax magazine and Ian’s friend for more than 30 years.

Former editor of Surfing World magazine and former publisher of Australian Longboarder magazine, Bruce Channon spoke of the first time he met Ian Hockey and the smell of the rum flavoured tobacco that Ian smoked.

Ian’s long-time friend local musician and artist Pete Markham, spoke of Ian’s love of telling jokes then proceeded to pull everyone’s leg.


New seat at One Tree Point, Tuross Head for a longboard legend - October 19th, 2014

The new seat at One Tree Point looks fantastic. This seat is in memory Ian Hockey, a life long Turossian, a life time surfer and a man dearly missed by his family and friends.

The unique surfboard themed stainless steel seat supports were designed, made and donated by Eurobodalla Council. Special thanks go to Council’s workshop lads Scott Grelck who did most of the work finished off by Keil Rosevear under the supervision of Allan Crapp, and Mark Strahlendorf, The craftsmanship is world class.

Thanks also to Shire Engineer Warren Sharpe for approving the concept of a surfboard themed bench and allowing his workshop a free hand in producing these unique stainless steel supports.

The timber surfboard back was shaped by Ian’s sons and daughter from local timber from local Simply Slabs and all the timberwork was gifted to the community by Ian’s family, friends and the One Tree Boardriders.