Kayaking on Tuross and
Coila Lakes brochure and map


Kayaking in Tuross

Tuross Lake (flatwater)
Up to 25km circumnavigation.

Plenty of paddling options, especially for beginner/novice paddlers, on this generous lake with its protected places scattered with estuaries and islands. You are likely to see a wide variety of birdlife, kangaroos and even emus.

Take a map with you for longer routes or exploring. Launch into shallow water near the boat ramp on Nelson Parade, or hire kayaks and canoes from Tuross Boatshed on Nelson Parade and launch from there.

An 18km round trip could take you north from the boat ramp, around Horse Island, then west up the estuary to and around Borang Lake, returning on the southern side of Horse Island. From the same launch spot up the river to Comerang is approximately 25km.

A pleasant two hour paddle takes you around the south side of Horse Island then the east and west side of Cambathin Island, across to Deuaumba Island past the old bridge, returning to the launch point via the main channel. Waterside cafés and restaurants with landing spots near Tuross Boatshed, picnic tables, playground and toilets nearby.

Coila Lake at Tuross Head (flatwater)
Up to 18.5km circumnavigation.

Paddle any distance, or up to 18.5km to circumnavigate the lake and under the highway bridge into Coila Creek at the northern end. Stay near the sheltered shores on windy days as it can get quite choppy.

An easy shallow launch opposite the Tuross Sport and Recreation Centre off Hector McWilliam Drive, Tuross Head, where you will find parking and a BBQ/picnic area with playground and toilets.


The info below is provided in good will and is a general overview only -
it is
up to the individual to determine their own capability and risk - if you are unsure of how to prepare for a paddle then consider searching out some internet Kayaking sites such
NSW Sea Kayak Club.

Ideally don't paddle alone

If you are new to Kayaking and unsure then lessons and tours are available:
Sea Kayaking NSW - Kayak Tours, Lessons & Journeys - 0400 184 034

Skill level
Tuross Lake provides confidence building opportunities for novice paddlers of moderate fitness to enjoy mostly shallow water, sheltered from prevailing winds by numerous islands.

Distance and Time
Paddlers choose various routes among Tuross estuary’s features to suit the time available.

A popular route is at http://www.turosshead.org/Pages/KayakingGoogleMap.htm

pick up a copy of the CMA Bodalla map 8925-4-N 1:25000.
Click here for a Kayaking map of Tuross and Coila

Kayaking Map of Tuross and Coila Lakes with Distances
(back to back) and Split
Thanks to Henry Kark for providing this map

Mobile phone and VHF radio coverage is good. Tuross Head Marine Rescue Squad
[VRA - 4473 8111 or 4473 8911] is located on the water’s edge, near the boatsheds and the launch point. Kayaking can be dangerous so look out for your own safety and the safety of others at all times. If unsure - then just don't kayak.... and seek out professional training until you are sure that you can paddle safely.

Launch Point
Latitude 36.04.80; Longitude 150.07.30. This easy access point is off Trafalgar Road / Nelson Parade at Lavender Bay, between Tuross Head boat ramp, the VRA and boatsheds. Ample, shady parking is available alongside the shallow, sandy edge.

General Description
Tuross Lake estuary covers a large area with many islands [mostly National Park] where Tuross River joins the ocean.

It offers a superb opportunity for kayakers to enjoy the Broadwater, the Fourways, the river, tranquil island channels, island picnic areas and / or coffee and meals beside the water at boatshed cafes. Tree lined shores and birdlife contribute to the visual experience, with watery reflections and mountain ranges providing the backdrop.

Casuarina forest predominates around shorelines with varied East coast littoral types providing variety and wildlife. Birdwatching is a delight. Burrawang palms amid eucalypts and a variety of other native trees surround the water. Stag / elk horns can be seen in the canopy. Delicate native orchids sometimes reveal themselves to observant kayakers.

Pelicans, cormorants, falcons, sea eagles, ducks, kingfishers, herons, black swans, little terns, occasional emus, kangaroos [sometimes swimming], appear above the waterline. In the shallows stingray, flathead, bream, whiting and other estuary fish can be seen. Dolphins have recently become resident.

Food & Facilities
At the boatsheds, close to the launch area, a selection of food and beverages is available from cafes on the water’s edge, together with toilet amenities. Water and toilet facilities are NOT available elsewhere around the lake. If you need to go to the toilet then please be responsible and considerate.

Subject to tolerable weather, The Tuross Head Kayak Group
enjoy a two hour laid back paddle commencing from Lavender Bay at 9am Friday mornings, terminating with coffee at the boatsheds around 11.
Non-paddling partners are encouraged to share the coffee.
Visitors are always welcome.

The Tuross Head Kayak Group media page

Tuross Head Tides

Boating Map of Tuross Lake




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