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The Annual Tuross
Photography Contest

The Tuross Head Photographic competition opens
on 1st August and

closes two SUNDAYs before the October 1st

Winners Announced in the October edition of the Tuross Giant
, on this web page and in the Tuross Head Facebook page

The subject of the competition is always:

What is "Tuross" - anything you want it to be from your dog called "Tuross" to your favourite Norfolk pine or Pelican, from a sunset to a moonrise or a photo of your favourite grandmother who lives at Tuross (so long as there is a recognisable Tuross backdrop.... )

What image makes you remember "Your Tuross" when you see it... go find it, photograph it and send it in.

The Prizes :

We had prizes for several years generously
donated by local businesses however it was
considered that the best reward was to enter
a photo for the pure desire of sharing.

If anyone only wanted a to submit an entry because it might "win" then we really don't need them in our lives or community


Entry is FREE !!!! All are welcome to send in their entries

Entering the contest is simple, it is all done entirely via the internet.

All you need to do is email us your:

phone number
Title of the work

and attach a jpeg image of your photograph. Email your entry to us at our Contact Us email address listed here (please try to keep file sizes under 1 Mb).

The judges for this event will be a panel of professional photographers

The Tuross Head 2014 Photography
winner will be announced in the Tuross Giant newsletter on October 1s

The winning photo will also appear in the:
Tuross Head Facebook Group

Conditions of Entry:

You are happy that a low resolution copy of your Entry bedisplayed (with your name), if you are the winner, on other reputable facebook pages (in low resolution to ensure the image is not misused).

All competition images MUST be the work of the entrant.

You are happy that a low resolution copy of your Entry be displayed (with your name if you win) on the www.turosshead.org website

All images submitted remain the property of the photographer and www.turosshead.org claims no rights other than theability, if acceptable, to display the images via the www.turosshead.org web site, it's Facebook page and in its associated public, on-line photo repository at http://picasaweb.google.com/turossheadorg and in the Tuross Giant newsletter

Multiple entries are welcome

Digital manipulation of images entered into the competition is permissible, however these are to be kept to those features that "enhance" the existing content of an image ie USM, levels, exposure and tonal adjustments (localised or otherwise), clone (for retouching) etc.

Digitally "modified" images that display excessive enhancement or that owe their "content", total or in part, to the post photographic processes of subject duplication, combining of images of differing content or the creation of new image elements by any other process, may not be entered. Keep it real.

www.turosshead.org understands that post processing is a normal part of today's photography, however at times, there may be a fine line between "Digitally Enhanced" and "Digitally Modified" images and should, in the considered opinion of the judges, an image appear excessively modified and no longer presents a seemingly natural scene, the right to disallow that entry will be reserved.

Visual effects created by the external application of filters and/or other photographic accessories at the time of capture be not considered to be Digital Manipulation.

Special consideration is given to Black & White images. As the forerunner to the more modern colour image, Black & White remains an accepted and popular alternate presentation in all competition categories. This includes singular toning such as sepia. These enties are welcome.

It is the responsibility of the photographer to gain the required permissions should the entry contain recognisable people. All submissions are accepted on the understanding that the photographer agrees to these terms and has btained the required permissions, accepts the conditions above and accepts the final descision of the judges.