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The Sale of The Progress Hall - Council minutes Oct 2011


The Hall was opened to the public in 1949.

The hall was then extended to allow it to be the proportions for a picture theater and was officially opened on Saturday, 2 June, 1956. (below)

Progress/Movie Theatre Hall - looking at movie posters put up by Ray Welch.


End of an Era October 2nd, 2013

End of an era
By KATE RYAN - Bay Post Oct 2nd 2013

IT will be the end of an era when Tuross Head residents next week bid farewell to a building which played a significant role in the community for decades.

The old Tuross Head Progress Association Hall will be demolished, probably next week.

It follows extensive community consultation about the future of the hall, which would require extensive renovations to meet current standards, including accessibility improvements, and disabled parking.

Eurobodalla councillor Danielle Brice, who is the current chairwoman of the Tuross Progress Hall Sunset Committee, said that after extensive community consultation and looking at all options, it was decided to sell the land and to invest the proceeds into much needed projects within Tuross Head.

“Eurobodalla Shire Council agreed that all of the proceeds, after costs, would be used for projects in the Tuross area and that these projects would be determined in consultation with the Tuross community,” she said.

Of the future sale of the land, $200,000 is already allocated to the refurbishment of Kyla Hall, and the Sunset Committee will consult with the community about which local projects should be funded from the net proceeds.

The consultation will start later this year and will include a letter to all residents and landowners in the Tuross Head and Turlinjah townships.

The refurbished Kyla Hall reopened in November last year with a new flexible layout developed by the Sunset Committee to provide a variety of new spaces for community use.

In total, $375,000 was spent on the improvements which included a new kitchen, meeting rooms, disability access and a refurbished hall, making the venue suitable for a wide range of purposes, from exercise classes and meetings to more formal private and business functions.

Sunset Committee member Maureen Baker has owned a home in Tuross Head for more than 40 years, and is sad to see the valuable piece of the township’s history removed.

She said she did, however, look forward to new beginnings in the new hall.

“While we realise that the hall needs to go, it is very sad to see it go,” Mrs Baker said.

“I have been going to the hall since I’ve had a home in Tuross for Progress Association meetings, Garden Club meetings and various social occasions.

“That was home, like an old pair of shoes - it was comfortable.”

Mrs Baker said she was pleased the money from the sale would be reinvested back into the Tuross community and that it was very important for the small township.

“I think all Tuross residents will be sad that it’s happening,” she said.

“However, the hall has limited parking and it would be very costly to refurbish the existing building.

“I hope that everyone supports the new hall and a new beginning.”

Cr Brice says to preserve the history of the old Tuross Head Progress Hall and its significance to the community, Eurobodalla Shire Council is developing an archive of photos and information for residents.

“There will also be interpretive signage about the hall placed near the park at Sandy Point, off Trafalgar Road,” she said.


Sun sets on Tuross Hall
By Josh Gidney July 6, 2012

The 65-year-old Tuross Head Progress Association Hall is about to fall victim to progress.

The opening of the completely refurbished Kyla Park Hall at Tuross Head later this year will pave the way for demolition of the current hall in the south western corner of Tuross Head.

Council says that the new hall is likely to be finished in early September. The land on which the current hall sits, considered prime real estate, will be sold and the proceeds go to Tuross Head community projects.

The majority of residents and ratepayers gave the replacement the thumbs up in a survey, but there are those who have great memories of the hall and will be sad to see it go.

“For me it, embodies the charm and character of Tuross and it has a view to die for,” Councillor Chris Kowal said.

“I believe that places like this should remain community assets.”

Over the years the hall has served as a movie theatre and venue for wedding receptions, 21st parties and the like. It is still in use as a regular meeting place for the likes of community groups and exercise classes.

Tuross Head Progress Association treasurer Joan Buchan remembers when the hall was the hub of the whole town and is understandably sorry that it has to go.

“I think it is sad because it is part of the history of the place, and those who voted to demolish it don’t even use it,” she said.

Fay and Leone Beers have been coming to the hall for 20 years and will also miss it.

“My brother and father were here when Alby Mangels was here showing one of his movies,” Fay said.

“I’m sad and disappointed it’s going.”

However, Eurobodalla Shire Council infrastructure services director Warren Sharpe says

the demolition of the hall is fully justified.

“It is an old building which doesn’t comply with disabled access standards and there are major issues with car parking,” he said.

Eurobodalla Shire Council formed a sunset committee consisting of Tuross Progress Association members Maureen Baker, Jeff De Jager and Gary Cooper and Councillors Lindsay Brown, Keith Dance and Rob Pollock to discuss the hall’s fate, and 3000 survey forms were mailed to Tuross residents and ratepayers, the majority of whom voted to demolish the hall.

“We wanted to make it a community process, not a council process,” Mr Sharpe said.


Survey says boardwalk needed in Tuross Head
June 11, 2014, 4:30 a.m.

TUROSS Head residents have spoken on what they think should be a priority project for the community - a boardwalk on Nelson Parade.

It comes after consultation with the Tuross and Turlinjah communities as part of Eurobodalla Shire Council’s consideration on how to spend the funds from the sale of the former Tuross Progress Association Hall land.

Council previously agreed that the net proceeds from the sale would be spent on priority projects within Tuross Head.

There has been interest in the land, but there have been no firm offers to date.

Council’s costs in preparing the land for sale, and the $200,000 spent on the Kyla Hall upgrade, will be deducted from the sale price.

Survey forms were mailed to 2795 residents in the Tuross area, of which 500 were returned.

Two-hundred-and-ninety-seven of those were from permanent residents, 154 from non-permanent ratepayers and 49 who did not indentify themselves as a resident or non-resident.

The Tuross Hall Sunset Committee recommended projects, in order or priority, as a Nelson Parade Boardwalk, an upgrade of One Tree Point Headland including a barbecue and seating, and a connecting shared pathway from Tuross Boulevard to Monash Avenue.

Twenty-three per cent of people who completed the survey listed a boardwalk on Nelson Parade as a priority, 18.8 per cent considered pathways to be of most importance to them and 14.9 per cent wanted a One Tree Point Headland viewing platform.

A skate park, men’s shed, ocean pool, and path maintenance all scaled below two per cent in importance, according to the survey results.


In memory of the Progress Hall 1949-2013