Tuross VRA use inflatable rollers to gain access to the sea


The slideshow loading below shows the valiant effort of our volunteers

On Thursday 18th June, 2009, at around 1pm, the Tuross Rescue squad had a callout.

Information said that there was a vessel close to Coila Beach and, according to the informant, appeared to be in difficulty. As the squad has no access over the Tuross River bar inflatable plastic tubes were used to roll the vessel over the sand, a distance of approximately 100m. The squad then attempted to the large surf at this point but were unable to. Had they been able to move the vessel up or down the beach to a better location the launch would have been achieved.

Whilst this was being carried out other members of the squad attended Coila Beach to find that there were no vessels between Coila Beach and One Tree Point. The search was cancelled and the vessel rolled back the 100m to the lake to return back to the VRA base.

Lack of ready access to the main beach is a major concern for the Rescue Squad and with little chance of the Tuross Bar clearing there are serious concerns of not being able to lend assistance to vessels and individuals in trouble.

Our VRA are well trained, well equipped and dedicated to serving this community. Since the closure of the river mouth last October they have raised their concerns as far afield as they could from discussions with a Federal Minister down to Eurobodalla Shire Council.

WHAT IS REQUIRED is easy access to the sea AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

The Tuross VRA have voiced their concerns directly to Council requesting that access be provided across the dunes behind the main beach. The Tuross Head Progress Association has endorsed this request as has the Tuross Lakes Preservation Group. If the path was widened to allow a small vehicle and boat trailer to gain access to the beach the VRA could then launch anywhere along the beach from One Tree Point to Blackfellows Beach.