Coila Lake Sailing and the
The Tuross Head Sailing Club

Tuross Head once had its own Sailing Club.
(you can read the history at the bottom of this page)

The club folded in 1999 however sailing on Coila is still a popular pastime and continues through the efforts of the
Batemans Bay Sailing Club


Coila Lake is a fantastic place to sail for dinghies and multihulls. It is a fully enclosed waterway with no traffic and no weed, yet exposed to all prevailing sea and land breeze without seaway effects.

The Batemans Bay Sailing Club has a strong and competitive Taipan 4.9 fleet as well as Hobie 16’s and 18’s, Nacra 5.8’s and Maricats.

The Kyla Hall at Tuross Head is fully equipped for both administration and catering for major events. There is a range of accommodation in Tuross Heads from camping to five star luxury.

The Batemans Bay Sailing Club have a fully accredited race management team and support craft. Visiting sailors are warmly welcome.

The Batemans Bay Sailing Club have an aquatic licence to sail during the Summer months at the Coila Lake.

They sail every second Sunday, setting up our Dingies and Catamarans on the little beach at Kyla park.

If there are any young people or *young* old people who would like to try sailing they are very happy to introduce anyone to the sport.

This can be initiated by contacting the Club and they will organise a sail and introduction to their very diverse sailors.

Contact Rob Currall OTB Captain Coila
M 0401762915
H 44712831

Off the Beach

The off the beach activities are mainly at Coila Lake.

In addition, there are:

- the Wallaga Lake Sailing Camps

- the ANZAC Day Weekend Regatta. The ANZAC Day Regatta includes races in State and national titles.

- Some sail training is also planned.

for more info on the Batemans Bay Sailing Club and events they plan for Coila Lake click on this link



Tuross Head Sailing Club -
a history

The Sailing Club started by Guy Brantingham at a Public meeting on 21 Aug 1980
The First sailing day was 14 Sept 1980 with 7 boats.

A big tarp was used to provide protection from the wind for the kids etc before the Clubhouse was finished.

The Sailing Club provided a large amount of the voluntary labour for the construction of the Clubhouse

In the early years Eric Swinboume provided a boat and manned it for starting the races and for use as a rescue boat

Sailing classes were held for kids

By 1987 20 boats were sailing in each race

Lots of fundraising events were held to help pay for the Clubhouse

Coila became a very popular venue for Canberra Sailboarders due to the good winds. Many sailboard Regattas were held as well a boat regatta each year.

National and State sailing titles were organised.

As our kids grew up and moved away the numbers of active sailors diminished until only 6 or were left.

The Club went into permanent recess in Feb 1999.


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