Welcome to Tuross!

Tuross! is a group of residents and business people who do what they can in the way of promoting Tuross Head as being somewhere that visitors might like to come all year around and where the community truely enjoys living

the www.turosshead.org website has committed to:

Adopting a mission to create and sustain social value (not just private value),

Recognizing and relentlessly pursuing new opportunities to serve that mission,

Engaging in a process of continuous innovation, adaptation, and learning,

Acting boldly without being limited by resources currently in hand, and

Exhibiting a heightened sense of accountability to the constituencies served and for the outcomes created.


The Tuross! group is interested in :

* Promoting Tuross Head through a wide range of avenues in addition the Eurobodalla Coast Tourism Group. There is a wide range of expertise within the Tuross community able to promote Tuross Head to a wider audience and a capablity of doing it independantly of any Council funded initiative

* Sharing information. - All too often when the media has visited Tuross Head the village as a whole has not been best presented. By a village wide presentation all businesses can gain exposure through publicity even though they may not be the centre of attention for the media interest. An example of this is our restaraunts and cafes being promoted hand in hand with accomodation that then further expand to weekend packages that include body pampering, fishing excursions etc

* Exploring opportunities.where volunteer groups help each other such as the Model Ship Builders, the Moruya Hospital Auxilluary and the VRA working side by side - For such an occasion as the Tuross Music Festival local business might choose to pay the hall rental and other groups might choose to help set up, feed and pack up where everyone benefits through financial gain or exposure.


There is no membership to this informal group.

They are the people behind the ideas behind the promotion of the village and welcome informal representation from such groups as the Progress Association, the Fishing Club, the Tuross Head Business Owners Association and the VRA as examples.

Where the VRA has a function such as the Annual Fair the events within the village this event could be expanded to accomodate other activities such as Scouts doing sandcastles on the beach, the Tuross Lakes Preservation Group holding an Art on the Path, Netballers holding a BBQ, One Tree Boardriders holding an Invitational.....

Other options might be an annual kayak event, an annual fun run, an annual trasure hunt, fishing contest or Music festival - all of these bring families out to participate and build up our community. With that comes an audience and with them comes an appetite that needs feeding at one of our cafes and a need to find somewhere to sleep.

It is with ideas like this and with the passion, the experience and expertise held bythe Tuross! Group that events can be organised and effectively promoted.

Then everybody benefits - all year around.

There is an Tuross Events Calendar here

Eurobodalla Shire Council released its Community Strategy Plan to be a working tool up to 2030 - Tuross! released it's response to that Plan to show that the village of Tuross Head is on track

Tuross! has looked closely at how Tuross Head is marketed and prepared an extensive report in preparation for a workshop to be held with key players to establish a longer term solution to increase year round visitation

Tuross! works in very closely with the Tuross Head Progress Association and the Tuross Head Business Owners Association as well as key groups and businesses within Tuross Head

Current promotion campaigns can be found at Shhhhhh,,,, Tuross


If you feel that you have an idea, a skill or even a belief in the above then contact 44738106 - we welcome your input.