Tuross Shamrocks Rugby team

1984 to 2004


1984 was the first year for the Shamrocks. They formed after a lot of pub talk by a number of people, Sean, Pete Mcnamara, Tiger Holburn, John Burnell and others. Chris Eager was appointed Captain Coach. The team was called the Shamrocks after the Shamrock painted on the roof of the Bodalla Arms hotel.

The team started with rookies who had never seen a football before such as Steve Pitt, Ron Needs and others combined with experienced players of numerous years.

A very organic year was to follow; what with training under tennis lights.

Our "Rip, Ruck, Roll" chant was formed after many a beer on the hill in the Zone KO.

Players came and went - organic rugby was formed and Bodalla Rugby was known as the organic friendly club. In that first year we were the wooden spooners it wasa great year and the start of twenty years of wonderful comraderie.

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