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Welcome to TurossWatch


The TurossWatch Project is a community based program which aims to improve the quality of life within Tuross Head by ensuring that there is good access to emergency numbers for our community members in case there is a calamity that involves either themselves or their property.


It is hoped that TurossWatch will promote closer community ties.

The project relies on the community and the Police working together in a partnership to achieve these aims. TurossWatch Registration enables your emergency contact details to be securely stored and only passed on to NSW Police on request should you or your property face a calamity.

TurossWatch is a community initiated and community
run programme.

Participation is voluntary and confidentiality of any information given is assured through the security processes that are in place for data sharing.


Tuross Head residents might prefer to register in the
NSW Police Next Of Kin Project if they have any concerns regarding providing their contact information to a community organisation.

The NSW Police Next of Kin Program is FREE, and enables
persons living alone to record their details at the
local police station. The register holds information of your nominated Next of Kin, doctors and dentist details and any
medical alerts.

This information may assist the ambulance and police in an emergency situation, to contact a relative or other nominated person to inform them of your situation.

You will be provided with a key ring and a sticker that is to be placed on your home phone or fridge to alert emergency services that you are registered with the Next of Kin Program.

Contact your Local Police Station and ask to speak with the Crime Prevention Officer about the Next of Kin Program and application process


TurossWatch is not about acting on crime as it occurs.

If you have immediate concerns ring 000

If you see anything suspicious ring the
Crime Stoppers number 1800 333 000

Once you have notified the authorities you might then choose to contact the Tuross Head Facebook Page to pass on your concerns/alerts to the rest of the Tuross Community for posting at their discretion

Fishing: If you know of any illegal fishing activity contact 1800 043 536 and then contact your CoilaWatch local area co-ordinator giving details of the illegal fishing activity


The TurossWatch Project has been set up to watch over our homes and our community.

Expressions of interest are always welcome from members of the community to nominate as TurossWatch volunteers in the areas that can be seen in the following map.

The TurossWatch Areas

If you are interested in becoming an TurossWatch
area co-ordinator please phone 0405100257

The TurossWatch project uses this webpage for general information as well as the Tuross Giant newsletter and
Tuross Head Facebook page for disemination of general information

Tuross Head residents and members are encouraged to join the TurossWatch Project.

It costs just $2 per year and is free if you are a member of the Tuross Head Progress Association ($5 per year)

If you would like to become a participant in the TurossWatch project and register you can find the
TurossWatch application form here

Residents are also encouraged to also join the
Tuross Head Facebook group to keep up to date with news and alerts and to join the Tuross Head Progress Association to gain other benefits and participate in the actions and activities of their town


The TurossWatch brochure

Following the cessation of the NSW Neighbourhood Watch Scheme the TurossWatch brochure is a community based crime prevention leaflet which aims to improve the quality of life within the village by minimising preventable crime and promoting closer community ties.

Safety and security relies on the community and the Police working together in a partnership to achieve these aims.

This brochure has information and tools to help you to begin or enhance your crime prevention tactics in your own home and immediate area.


The Tuross Watch Group was set up to assist residents in providing advice and support in matters of community vigilence, safety and security

• Minimise the incidence of preventable crime.
• Deter criminal activity by increasing the probability of apprehension.
• Reduce the fear of crime.
• Increase the reporting of crime and suspicious behaviour.
• Improve the degree of personal and household security through education.

• Operation Identification:

The systematic marking of valuable household items with their driver's licence number preceded by the letter "N" for NSW.

Items which are marked and can be identified become a much less inviting target for thieves. Smaller items such as jewellery or items which cannot be marked should be photographed alongside a ruler or coin to indicate the size.

• Keeping residents informed:

Providing information of the incidence of crime in the village on a regular basis through internet media and newsletters and advising how to effectively identify suspicious people and activity and report same.

• Increasing residents' awareness and knowledge:

Informing residents of practical personal and household security measures enables them to best secure their homes and increase their personal safety.

• Sign posting areas:

Displaying TurossWatch signs and material operates as a visible deterrent to criminal activity by identifying a particular area as having active TurossWatch participants.



click here for "The TurossWatch Brochure"

Free printouts of the brochure are available
at Hallmark Real Estate
Tuross Blvde Centre

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