Tuross Head Youth and Sports Club

established March 1st 1978 to Feb 2002

The following notes on the formation and history of the THY&SC were written by Keith Lennon with some additional comments in italics

Why was the Club Formed
The Club started as an ideal. It had its birth in the break-up of the land for the Kyla Park development. The first Kyla Park public meeting on 16th April, 1977 left no doubt that most people did not want the type of sub-division that was proposed.

This group that fought so hard to preserve some of the beauty of Tuross has been accused of many things, but most of these were quite untrue. No member of the group gained financially for the effort that was given to the venture.

They were always cognizant of the unique area and they fought for, and obtained, a development that the community should be proud to preserve.

They should be reminded that about 51 hectares were used for open space residential purposes, and about 237 hectares were for open space, such as grazing areas and community access areas, including the area for sporting facilities known as the Hall Block.

During the period April to October, 1977 the public fight covered all areas from Local Government to Banking Authorities and Institutions.

The State Government was involved and it was finally determined by the State Government on 22 December, 1978 altering the Interim Development Order No.3 of the Shire of Eurobodalla by inserting special clauses to protect the Kyla Park Area.

The community was fully informed at all times of the moves of the various parties and gained a strong reputation for their determination and honesty.

Formation of the Youth and Sports Club

The inaugural public meeting (chaired by John Mount) was held at Tuross Head on 1 March, 1978.

I have a record of the advice given to that meeting that a constitution of the Club should be for a Management Group to manage the affairs of the "Club" and that the various sporting groups should manage their own affairs. Further, that if the Club should wish to participate in State and Council Grants then the name of the Club should cover Sports and Youth activities.

However, at the inaugural meeting a Motion was accepted, perhaps due to the fact that the majority of people attending the meeting were tennis players, that the title for the group would be Tuross Heads Tennis, Youth and Sports Club.

I advised that the title was incorrect - my letter stated that there was no such place as Tuross Heads the title of the locality is Tuross Head (in the singular) and should we wish to form a sports club then any specific name such as tennis was superfluous. The group did work for a short time with the old title but it did not have a constitution. A set of rules were drawn up.

The title was then changed to Tuross Head Youth and Sports Club on 6/2/80 and within 2 years the following sub-clubs had registered with the club. Tennis, Hockey, Rugby, Cricket, Touch Football, Basketball (Men's and Ladies'), Youth Club and Sailing.

The first Tennis Courts (2) were made possible by the joint efforts of the Eurobodalla Council and the Dept. of Local Government funded the construction of the oval. Local labour (voluntary) painted the Courts.

The next development was to build the Public Toilet Block. Then the Turf Wicket, the Children's Playground and the Tree Planting.

The next project was the building of the Tennis Clubhouse (The Kyla Development architects (McIntyre) provided the design of the Tennis Shelter Shed ) and the Main Clubhouse. Machinery Sheds were erected and two more Courts were built.

From 1981 to 1986 all forms of fund-raising was in excess of $185,000 and this figure did not include Government and Council Grants. A specific fund for the building of the Clubhouse raised $18,000 by September, 1981 when the Minister for Sport approved a grant of $12,000 for this building.

A government-guaranteed loan was negotiated and arrangements made with the CBC Bank, Moruya, to provide a loan of $35,000 to complete the Clubhouse.

( Note: The purpose of the lease was to satisfy a condition of the loan that was obtained from the bank. Interest free loans were not available from Council at that time.)

It should be remembered that the Clubhouse includes showers, toilets, change rooms, kitchen and servery for outside events, storage space, auditorium and dance floor. The Clubhouse was started in April, 1982 and was opened to inspection by the public in the following year in January, 1983.

The first meeting in the new clubhouse was 2/2/83.

My assessment of the replacement value of the development undertaken by the community would be in excess of $1,500,000.

Tuross Youth and Sports Club and the Community

What made our Club different?

The main difference is that we were able to negotiate with the Council a management plan and the joint acceptance of a Council observer in the form of Mr Guy Bantingham on our Committee. I am not sure that this position is reviewed annually but the scheme works.

All funds raised were channelled back into the development or for the provision of equipment or for the training of youth in the various sports. Most of the work was completed on a voluntary basis which inevitably provided huge savings. This system was good for the Council but better still it was good for the community. The Club was able to achieve better growth at a higher rate. It is a formula that should be used more often - it is the principle of "getting off your bottom to do a job not waiting for a government to act as a provider". I believe that this system should continue. Communities need to be provided with an incentive to work together for the common good of the community.

More importantly we attempted the formation of a multi-functional organization, groups with divergent ideas were welded together into an amalgam where parochialism was subdued.

Keith Lennon

Photos of Kyla Oval and Hall history

Archive photos of the Sailing Club

The Kyla Hall was handed over to Eurobodalla Shire Council in February 2002.

In the years preceding the hand over there had been some termite activity detected in one corner of the hall. An infestation was found in a nearby tree and destroyed and internal repairs made using Campbell Page workers and supported by Council .

In 2002 the hall was handed over in sound condition to Council and placed into their care and full maintenance.

In May 2010 termites were found to have damaged the hall internal walls and ceiling that the hall was closed indefinately.

Kyla Hall Reconstruction