Tuross Youth

This page is a link to discussions and topics raised by the members of Tuross Crew.

A Facebook page has been set called Tuross Head- loves it!! to give you the younger
Crew the opportunity to have a say about their own community.

There is a Blogspot as well that you are more than welcome to join

If you want to you can subscribe here to the Tuross Head Blog


Some local band links:

Eat a Brick

Alexander Kotori - The Latest Plague

Original Theft

Think Big


Tuross stuff on Youtube:

me Skateboarding i guess...

Kyle's Stack



South Coast Party Champions


Organisations like the Progress Association, Preservation Group, VRA, etc rarely have the opportunity to involve or hear the opinions of the younger crew in our community.

Please feel free to participate. It is only through hearing from your comments that improvements can be made to ensure the village is a great place for EVERYONE !!

The Eurobodalla Shire Council Youth Pages

Teen Safe Driving Courses