Minutes and notes of THPA monthly meetings
and Special meetings conducted in the
THPA Committee Year of October 2015 to September 2016

Minutes of Monthly Meeting held Thursday, 3rd December 2015.
Kyla Park Auditorium, Kyla Park Sports Precinct, Tuross Head.
1. The Meeting commenced at 2-00 pm with Mr. Gary Cooper in the Chair.
19 signed the Register and there were 6 apologies.
Jim Baker, Maureen Baker, Fay Beers, Leonie Beers, Joan Buchan, Phillip Bugden, John Byrne, David Cameron, Gary Cooper, Jeff De Jager, Stafford Dixon, Derek Hoare, Janet Hoare, Chris Jones, Jan Pilkington, Pam Pink, Roger Pink, Kath Smith and John Tilbrook.
Peter Christie, Maggie Cooper, Leo Demchy, Jenny Dixon, Denis Pilkington and Steve Ryder.
2. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING, 5th November, 2015
Acceptance proposed by Secretary and seconded by John Tilbrook (CARRIED)
a. To be dealt with under separate reports later in the meeting.
b. President raised with Warren Sharpe (Eurobodalla Council) the procedure for the naming of streets and place names in the Eurobodalla. (Procedure to be put up on the web site) Meeting stipulated that an extra nomination be added to the motion placed at the last meeting to name the thoroughfare from Hector McWilliam Drive to Kyla Park Hall Precinct, Brinja Yuin Way. The meeting added the name Taylor Way to the nominations, the mover and seconder of the original motion were in agreement with the nomination.
4. TREASURER’s REPORT: Treasurer, Joan Buchan, read out the following financial statement which forms part of the minutes. In summary, as follows:
THPA General Account Balance 5-11-2015 $5,120.21
Receipts : $ 157.00
Payments: $ .00
General Account Working Balance $5,277.21
THPA Cycle/walk Accounts: $6,088.10
Fixed Term Deposit $20,000.00
Total Fund as at 3-12-2015 $31,365.31
Report Accepted on proposal, Joan Buchan and seconded by Leonie Beer (CARRIED)

The Sunset Committee met again to have the draft Digital History of the Progress Hall presented by Magella Blinksell. The product was well received by the Committee and Magella has now finished the project. A Presentation of the completed History will be presented on Wednesday the 16th December 2015 at 2-00 P.M. at Kyla Park Hall. Invitations have/will be sent to nominated attendees. Faye and Leonie Beer offered to provide scones etc for afternoon tea, thanks is given to them both.
There is still no new information on the Works Program as they are still awaiting Aboriginal Heritage approval.
The extension to the Kyla Hall veranda has been completed. The replacement of the window by a sliding door is scheduled next week as is the provision of power.
10. MEMBERSHIP REPORT. - THPA Current membership = 40 Members.
(a). Plaques: The response to the text for the plaques has been very good. Somewhere 70 odd people reviewed the texts and or contacted us with editing material. We have now agreed with the text and are now looking for pictorial material to add to the text. Have about a dozen photos already.
(b). Skateboard Facility:
i. Ongoing Outcomes:
There appears to be a varied acceptance to non-acceptance to the potentiality of having the Skateboard Facility, there is a definite anti feeling to the facility as well a pro feeling particularly from the youth of the district. Reaction from the meeting was to put a letter in “The Giant” and place a notice on the shopping centre notice board (John Byrne) with reference to setting up of the Skateboard Facility.
(c) General Business from the Floor:
i. The Tuross Land Care Group has asked for THPA to support them, in the form of a letter to the Heritage Officer at the council for the Heritage Listing of the Norfolk Pines along Tuross Boulevarde. The meeting was in agreement to send the letter.
ii. From the floor there was concern as to the whereabouts of the Beach Wheel Chair that had been held at the Beach Caravan Park in a designated locker. The following was put forward as an explanation to the chairs travels. It had been kept in the previously mentioned locker, the council had claimed it though they had no right to it, and it was then given to Narooma Surf Club by the council with the council agreeing to pay for the insurance while on local beaches. It was then returned to Tuross Head as it was a local Tuross Head asset that the council had no claim on and the caravan park accepted the responsibility for insurance. The current situation is that the chair is at Beach Caravan Park and is for general use of anyone with a disability that allows use of the chair.
Follow up - with reference to the Beach Wheel Chair:
• Letter to Lei Parker with thanks for retrieving the chair
• Should the chair be inspected ?
• Is the procedure for lending still set as chemist sending user to Stafford Dixon ?
• Spares with Marine Rescue – still going (Check with Blaze?)
iii. The meeting was of the opinion that a letter be sent to local Not For Profit organisations with reference to use of the new deck at Kyla Park Hall and a photo of the deck be placed on the notice board (Shops)

Next Meeting is scheduled for 2:00pm 4 February 2016.
Meeting closed at 3-25 P.M.
The Chairman, Gary Cooper, invited all present to partake in the annual Xmas Party.

Draft MINUTES of the Meeting held on Thursday, 1st October, 2015 at
Kyla Hall Committee Room, Kyla Sports Precinct, Tuross Head

1. The Meeting commenced at 2.40 pm with President, Gary Cooper, in the Chair. As per Attendance Register there were 17 members in attendance and 7 apologies.
2. Minutes of previous meeting, 3rd September, 2015: Acceptance was moved by John Tilbrook and seconded by Faye Beers . CARRIED
3. Business Arising: Dealt with under separate reports later in the meeting.
4. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer, Joan Buchan, read out the following financial statement for the month :
THPA General Account Balance 3-9-15 $5,244.21
Membership fees 20.00
General Account working balance, 1-10-15 $5,264.21
THPA Cycle/walk Accounts:
Working Account balance $6,088.10
Fixed Term Deposit 20,000.00

Cycle/walk Accounts balance, 1-10-15 $26,088.10
Total Funds, 1-10-15 $31,352.31

Acceptance of the Report was moved by Joan Buchan and seconded by
Leonie Beers. CARRIED

5. Correspondence Inwards: Nil

6. Correspondence Outwards: Letter to ESC requesting permission to advise THPA members and the Tuross community of the details of the Progress Hall land sale proceeds.

7. Proposed Tuross Head Heritage Information Signs: Gary is continuing to work with Council and local historians on the design of 5 signs.

8. Brass labels for the two paintings of early Tuross donated by the Kupa family now hanging in Kyla Hall Committee meeting: It was moved by Gary Cooper and seconded by Jeff de Jager that brass labels be made for Miles & Ann Kupa to add to the paintings. CARRIED

9. Kyla Hall Management Committee & Sports Precinct Matters:
? 2 windows in the hall had been broken but were promptly fixed by Euro Glass
? A notice board made by the Men’s Shed has now been affixed to the outside wall where the old main doorway had been situated.
? Previously when the Hall’s burglar alarm was activated it merely created a siren so that neighbours could contact Council. This is no longer necessary as the activated alarm signal is now sent through to Council Base.
? Funding of $50,000 is now allocated to the extension of decking in front of the Hall and for internal repairs
? Chris Jones queried latest situation re proposed boat shed near Tuross Community Gardens area. Apparently Council officer, Chris Tague, was to design the shed which could provide some stormwater runoff to the Gardens. However there are insufficient funds in the boat shed grant to meet requirements. Council are not in favour of piping stormwater runoff from Hall roof over to the Community Gardens.
10. Tuross Facilities Projects Schedule: It is unlikely that these will be commenced before the New Year as Aboriginal Heritage approval is required.
11. Tuross Estuary Channel Maintenance: Dredging by Council to facilitate use of the boat ramp is awaiting approval from other government departments.
12. Membership Report: Joan Buchan said that according to her records we now have 36 members. It was moved by Jeff de Jager and seconded by Steve Ryder that Kath Smith, Don & Jan Pilkington and Pam & Roger Pink be thanked for carrying out the strenuous task of delivering our flyers encouraging new membership to all residences in Tuross Head. CARRIED
? THPA stall necessary at Village Fair (5-10-15)? It was not considered necessary
? Construction of kerb & guttering & stormwater drainaged in Beatty Crescent : Gary reported that Council has completed the design of the works and will be holding a street meeting to discuss same with local residents.
? Road leading from Hector McWilliam Drive through the Kyla Sports Precinct to the Hall: This road requires a name – members were asked to put forward suggestions.
? Fireweed prevalent on Kyla Park grazing land: John Tilbrook expressed concern about this matter. Maureen Baker said that Tuross Coastal Landcare was also concerned and would be contacting Council’s Invasive Species Control officer.
? Upgrading of condition of Tuross shopping centre, Evans Rd.: Gary had phoned the managing agents who denied receiving our letter.
In light of comments from Stafford Dixon at our previous meeting regarding difficult access to the pavement in front of the shops for disabled people, Chris Jones had also provided some information from the Australian Human Rights Commission web site. This indicates that there is a recommended standard required by managers/owners of buildings, etc. whereby reasonable disabled access is required. Chris suggested that any further correspondence with the agents could refer to their responsibilities in this regard.
? Jeff de Jager requested members to bring ideas to forthcoming meetings of any other facilities/projects they think would be worthwhile for Tuross. Stafford Dixon suggested that a cycle/walk or pathway could be built from the end of Chauvel Crescent down to the current cycle/walk on the foreshore.

The meeting closed at 3.30 pm? Next meeting will be on Thursday, 5th November.


Minutes of Meeting held 3rd September, 2015
at Kyla Hall, Kyla Sports Precinct, Tuross Head

1. The Meeting commenced at 2.05 pm with Gary Cooper in the Chair.
21 members signed the Attendance Register and there were 10 apologies. I

Minutes of the Previous Meeting, 6th August, 2015.
It was moved by Stafford Dixon and seconded by Gywn Singleton that the Minutes be accepted. CARRIED

2. Business Arising: Dealt with under separate reports later in the meeting.

3. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer, Joan Buchan, read out the following financial statement which forms part of the minutes:-

THPA General Account - Balance, 6-8-15 $5159.21
Plus Receipts: THPA Subs 85.00
THPA General Account as at 3-9-15 $5244.21
THPA Cycle/Walk Working Account 3-9-15 $6088.10
THPA Fixed Term Deposit 3-9-15 20000.00
Total Cycle/Walk Funds as at 3-9-15 $26088.10
======= It was moved by Joan Buchan and seconded by Pam Pink that the
Treasurer’s Report be accepted. CARRIED

4. Correspondence Outwards:
? Letter to Eurobodalla Shire Council with the text/photos of 7 heritage signs compiled by Lei Parker, proposing that signs be erected at various locations around Tuross Head.
? No response to our letter requesting a map of Tuross to be put in the bus shelter at the shops.
5. Correspondence Inwards: Lei Parker reported that the response from Eurobodalla Shire Council in regard to above proposed signs had been sent to him instead of THPA and it rejected the proposal. Gary reported that he has since had a meeting with Steve Halicki, Council Heritage officer, and his new manager, Jeff Morgan. Apparently Council have rejected the proposed signs in their present form and need to consult with both the Moruya & District Historical Society and the Heritage consultant, Pip Giovanelli, regarding revision of the text and checking for historical accuracy.

Gary had also contacted local historian, Helen Townend, and Magella Blinksell who is scripting the Progress Hall documentary. Helen had declined to be involved but recommended Wendy Simes, who was President of the Moruya & District Historical Society at that time. He arranged for both Magella and Wendy to receive a copy of Lei’s proposal, especially the text of the 7 signs. He then met with them and after much discussion it was agreed that the original concept could be retained whilst revising the text so that only 5 signs would be required.

Steve Halicki also arranged for Gary to meet with him and Pip Giovanelli last Friday. By the end of the meeting they were agreeable with the above approach and said they were looking forward to receiving a set of drafts. The five signs will cover the following topics:

• Tuross Head Progress (This is about the development of Tuross since 1900’s);
• Hawdon;
• Mylott;
• McWilliam: and
• Maritime History of Tuross Head

The proposed project to have a bust of Hector McWilliam on display somewhere in Tuross has not been forgotten and will be looked at again next year.

6. Proposal for a Community Bank: Mylene Boulting and Rob Richard Managr of a local Bendigo Bank made a presentation to the meeting supporting the establishment of a community bank, such as the Bendigo Bank, in Moruya. They consider that this is necessary due to the closure of the St. George Bank branch in Moruya.

Bendigo Bank offer a 5 x 3 year franchise. There are already 300 franchises operating in Australia which provide 80% profit back to the community. $1million worth of shares is required in Opening Funds which are called for from the community in the form of pledges and then a full prospectus is prepared so that the share value can be called up. It takes about 18 months before the branch can be formed.

We will be given an update on this matter after Mylene & Rob have carried out presentations throughout the district and gauged community support.

7. Annual General Meeting: Gary announced that our AGM will be held at 2 pm on Thursday, 1st October, 2015 before our usual monthly meeting. Office bearers required for 2015/16 are President, 2 Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer & Public Officer. Members were reminded that renewal of membership is due and should be paid before voting at the AGM.

8. Donation of two paintings of early Tuross: The Kupa family whose forebears once lived in Tuross in Coral Crescent have donated two paintings to the Progress Association. With the approval of the Kyla Hall Management Committee the paintings have now been hung in the Meeting Room. Gary will send a letter of thanks to Myles and Ann Kupa.

9. Proposed Works Programme: No further information has been received about these projects at this date:
? Nelson Pde Boardwalk/Viewing Platform)
? One Tree Point Viewing Platform ) funded by sale of Progress
? One Tree Point Picnic Shelter ) Hall land

? Main Beach access ramp upgraded - funded under Special Rate
Variation process
? Kyla Hall direction sign has been approved but will take 6 or 7 weeks before being installed.

It was moved by Maureen Baker and seconded by Stafford Dixon that THPA should write to Council requesting written consent to display to the public (via THPA notice board, etc.) an accounting of the price paid for the 2 lots of the Progress Hall land, Council’s expenses, and final amount available of which $200,000 has been directed to offset part of the cost of upgrading the Kyla Hall, with the remainder towards the cost of the above first three items and the Bridges Ave. cycle/walk. CARRIED

10. Tuross Estuary Channel Maintenance: Work proposed near the Lavender Pt. boat ramp will commence on 7th September.

11. Membership Report: The flyers delivered to residents appears to have attracted more interest in our activities but to continue to maintain our association a willingness to nominate for office bearer positions is required.

12. General Business:
a) Beattie Crescent Kerb & Guttering /Stormwater Drainage:
This area is extremely steep and residents have asked for a meeting on-site with Council to discuss exactly what works are being proposed.
b) Kyla Hall decking extension:
Jeff de Jager reported that SRV funding of $50,000 is available for this extension and other repairs.
c) Cutting back/removal of vegetation along Tuross Blvde foreshore which is protruding onto the cycle/walk: Maureen Baker reported that Council had informed her of their intention. She referred them to the area just north of the sewage pumping station opposite the shops where littoral rainforest occurs along the stormwater drainage line. It includes a Rusty Fig which requires periodical pruning rather than removal because it is classified as part of an EEC (endangered ecological community).
d) Disabled access to pavement in front of Evans Rd. shops:
Stafford Dixon pointed out that anyone disabled who needs to use a wheelchair or motorised scooter to access the shops finds it extremely difficult as there is only one lay-back section opposite the Tuross surgery and at the other end near the liquor store. However the latter is a dangerous area as it is on the corner of the road leading to the other shopping centre.
THPA will need to write a follow-up letter to the agents handling the Evans Rd. shops.
e) Continuation of cycle/walk along Nelson Pde from the turn-off to the boat ramp along to the toilet block above the boatsheds: Lei Parker suggested that THPA should consider using the remaining cycle/walk funds in conjunction with Council to continue the cyclewalk on Nelson Pde. Families are concerned about having to divert from Nelson Pde down to the road bordering Lavender Bay. Children on tricycles or cyclists find it difficult to negotiate the steep inclines from the boat ramp area or from the Sandy Pt. end near the boatshed car park.
THPA needs to consider asking Council for an on-site meeting in this regard or at least warning signs being erected at both ends above the steep inclines.

The meeting closed at 3.30pm. The next meeting will be on 1st October, 2015