TCG Guidelines


Tuross Community Garden

Location - Kyla Park Recreational Reserve (sports area) - make your way to the Kyla Hall and then go on further passing by the Basketball court to the fenced gardens.

Summer Social Gardening Times
through daylight savings months and weather dependant

Tuesday from 9am (shared morning tea)

Saturday from 4pm (shared afternoon tea)

Social BYO BBQ held once a month on Saturday afternoons (dates on notice board at the garden)

Winter Social Gardening Times

Tuesday from 10am (shared morning tea)

Saturday from 2pm (shared afternoon tea)
Social BYO BBQ held once a month on Saturday lunch time (dates on notice board at the garden)

Enquiries turosscommunitygarden@gmail.com or come to the garden please come during social gardening times.

There are many ways to contribute. Our facebook page can keep you up to date with what's going on
Mailing list - if you request to join our mailing list you will be sent relevant notice of what is happening when, email us at turosscommunitygarden@gmail.com

Membership - If you are under 18 membership is free and the whole community, including those with holiday houses or just visiting are welcome to become members, or come and check us out and see if you are interested

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About us

We are creating a beautiful and sustainable garden that provides healthy produce through community activity.

What’s important to us is:

  • Growing local food
  • Reducing food miles
  • Minimising water and energy use
  • Organic permaculture and biodynamic principals
  • Recycling water and waste
  • Enjoying ourselves!!

    Apart from feeling really good about helping our environment,
    members also get to:

  • Take home beautiful produce after gardening sessions
  • Go on holidays without worrying who is going to water the veggie patch
  • Make the odd new friend – the odder the better!
  • Learn new things
  • Have a lot of fun in the process

    What we do includes a whole range of activities, no matter
    what your abilities:

  • Light work, eg., standing up while watering or harvesting
  • Carpentry projects – building sheds, shades and other infrastructure
  • Irrigation and Plumbing projects – plants need water
  • Digging, wheelbarrowing, weeding, other heavy duty exercise – who needs a gym?
  • Fund raising – easy stuff like garage sales, raffles, produce sales, plus putting on the occasional event
  • Communications
  • Socialising – lots of BYO morning and afternoon teas after work, BBQs, picnics