Eva Mylott

Eva Mylott was one of Australia's most famous contralto opera singers and was also the paternal grandmother of the actor and film director Mel Gibson

Tuross Head, from the Narrows east, was owned by the Patrick Mylott, farmer, wine merchant and shipping fleet owner. It was not until well into the 20th century that the headland was subdivided for building.

Eva was born in September 16, 1875 in the stone house built by her father
Patrick Mylott in 1870 on Tuross Head.

Discovering his daughters rich contralto voice at an early age, Mylott leased his farm in 1883 and invested in a Sydney wholesale liquor firm. Eva first went to Madame Christine, an internationally known Canadian opera singer turned nun. then to the teacher Kowalski.

She matured slowly but in 1897 was a rising young star in the Sydney Musical world. Encouraged by the great Melba Eva was to leave for Europe in 1902
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Nellie Melba had one more concert to complete. Her rest had ensured that her voice was in perfect condition. It had also allowed her to indulge in other activities.

The day of her final concert, she arranged to meet a young Australian contralto, Eva Mylott. Eva was journeying to Europe soon after to further her career and was thrilled to meet Australia’s greatest soprano. Melba furnished her with an introduction to Madame Marchesi, Melba’s Parisian teacher. Miss Mylott gratefully accepted the introduction and Melba arranged to meet her in Europe the next year. reference

Eva appeared at the Metropolitan Opera with Nellie Melba in 1914 and touring with her cousin Marie Narelle (Molly Ryan), another singer, whose recordings are kept and issued by Screen Sound Australia. She was reputedly one of the many Melba protegees.

Above: Eva Mylott, The Swiss Studios, Sydney, 1902

Eva Mylott Gibson died on March 20, 1920 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
at age 44 after slipping in the shower and injuring her neck. (source)


She married John Hutton Gibson June 17, 1917 in New York, New York, USA.

They had one son; Hutton Peter Gibson (born August 26, 1918). Hutton Peter Gibson is the father of actor Mel Gibson


Eva Mylott - by Noel Warry


New York Time - November 15,1916
Eva Mylott, contralto, and Edwin Grasse, violinist, will give a joint recital at Aeolan Hall on Friday evening.

In 1975, a memorial plaque was installed by the Progress Association in Eva Mylott Park, Jutland Avenue celebrating 100 years since Eva's birth... reference

Eva Mylott's cousin Marie Narelle was born Molly Ryan in Temora, NSW Australia in 1870.

When gold was discovered in the area in 1880 and the town was born there was a fundraiser for a Catholic church. At the age of 10 she sang publicly for the first time. Prospectors threw gold nuggets. By 1898 she had three kids and no use for her drunkard husband Matthew Callaghan. On her own, with kids in tow, she began her international career as a soprano.

She took the name of a famous woman of the Moruya tribe of Aborigines, Narelle, as a talisman. Opting out of the opera scene she stayed true to her Irish roots and became known worldwide as the Queen of Irish Song. She made many recordings with Thomas Edison over a nine year period; purportedly the first soprano ever recorded. The Australian government recently released her own CD that contains songs recorded by Edison dating back to 1905.

Marie and her Aussie cousin, contralto Eva Mylott, both wound up living in America, performing together in 1910 in New York City , as well as touring the US together in 1914. They both eventually got married in New York; Marie hosting Eva's wedding in 1917.

Marie and her two daughters eventually moved to England.in 1934 reference

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